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Friday, July 20, 2012

FNDR 7-20-12 Swadley's

We are going to eat some good ole Oklahoma Bar-b-Que tonight. Have to say we were a very small group tonight. Was great to see Tom, Seda, Diana & Chris. We weren't the only ones that thought BBQ sounded good, cause the place was really hopping. The food was as good as ever, and enjoyed the time we spent there.  Swadley's is a good home grown place to eat in my book...always a thumbs up!!!

We got to talking about apps for the iPhone, and Tom gave me a couple of new ones that I am really excited about. The first one is Night Sky, and it is really a clever little app. Can point your phone in the sky and it will show you all the constellations and lots more. Still working on understanding it all, but I think it is going to be a fun one. The other one is Appsgonefree. The objective of this app is to give you a daily list of the "free" apps that are available. Pretty cool!! While sharing all this wealth of information, Chuck showed us one he had found. It is called Poynt. Pretty impressive app too.  Poynt is really a user friendly Chuck was showing me, you can find a restaurant, and also add it to your calender direct throught the app.  I am sure there is a learning curve to understand what all this little app can do, and it will be fun to figure it out.  Was a great night to learn some new things for the phones. Love our little get together, cause as you know, we never know what "factoid" we might come home with. Isn't that the reason we get together, to share "factoids"??? Not really, but it is so great to learn something new and be able to use it.

 The weather has been brutal this week. We are in the wonderful "heat dome", and it is just terrible. I got in my car at 4:50 and it was in the shade, and the temp registered 106. We actually broke a record the day before. The weekend is supposed to be as hot as well. Sure doesn't take long at these temperatures to burn everything up.

 Last but not least, i just have to post a picture of my "giant sunflowers" that I planted earlier this summer. They are really becoming giants. Not sure if these are the type that will have sunflower seeds or not, and I am sure hoping they do, but I failed to keep my seed packet to know for sure. So I guess time will tell. Love to plant and watch things grow. Not sure how anything can stay alive with all this heat, but will continue trying to keep everything at least alive for as long as possible. Great evening of fun and laughter.  Sure missed everyone that couldn't make it tonight.  Funny thing as the week before we had 18, and this time 6.  Man, that is just strange, but of course, it is Summer, you know  :)