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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ginger returns home 8-1-12

The hottest day on record, and Chuck is out at 3:30pm picking up our Harley, Ginger.  She has been in the shop for 2-1/2 weeks and they have torn her down and put her back together twice now.  Harley World has put new pistons, rings and jugs in her, so basically she has a new top end in the engine.  Harley wouldn't allow them to tear her on down and check out the complete engine.  I guess time will tell if this fixes the bike or not.  Pretty sad they didn't allow them to go ahead and check out everything while it was torn down.  But that is the way Harley wanted to do it. 

The temperature was 112 degrees, and Chuck said when he got on the highway, it was like a very large blast furnace hitting him in the face.  He was actually closing the vents on the side of the bike, to keep the air from hitting him. 

Picture of street lights melting in Stillwater OK.
Ginger is back home in our shop sitting next to our new Goldwing, Snow.  Wonder what they are talking about?  Have to admit it is really strange to go out to the shop and not see Pearl.  You know how fond I was of Pearl, but I think all in all, we are really going to enjoy the new bike for the long road trips.

Now could someone please turn the temperature back just a bit, so we can get out and ride.  The next few days are supposed to be brutal, so everyone please be careful and keep hydrated, and don't go out unless it is an emergency.  Just think of it like a winter blizzard, you wouldn't be out in it, so stay in out of the heat as well.