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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Spydie's last ride 9-23-12

We are riding with Diana & Chris to Perry Oklahoma to meet a couple that are interested in looking at their Can-Am Spyder, Spydi, as we have named it.

They purchased a 2012 Goldwing a few weeks ago, and have decided to go ahead and sell the Spyder.
The two of them have been on a roll, cause yesterday they sold their boat, and now have someone interested in Spydi.

We pull out at 10am to meet the couple at 11:30 and the weather is a bit overcast and cool, but not bad for a ride.  We had very little traffic, and was a very nice ride to Perry.  Supposed to meet the people at the Walmart in Perry, so I guess you know where Diana and I went as soon as we pulled up.  Have to say the Walmart is a "baby" one.  Didn't take very long at all to walk through and get our purchases bagged and we were back at the bikes.

The couple that came from Kansas to look at Spydi, have shown up, and they are going to take the bike for a little spin.  Seem like very nice people.  They make it back from their test drive, and Chris tells them all the stuff he has done on the bike.  Looks like they are wanting to purchase it.  They are interested in the trailer too, so looks like Chris will be looking for a new trailer to pull.  I bet he can find one too!!  :)

The deal is made, and I ask if I can take a picture of them standing by Spydi for my blog.  We now know them as Karen & Fred.  Really seem like "our kind of people" and wish they lived closer so they could ride with us.  Maybe we can meet up with them sometime down the road.  Chris & Diana are meeting them tomorrow afternoon to hand over Spydi and the trailer to them.  Looks like Spydi is going to be living in Kansas now.

It is now about 1:15 and it is time to be finding a place to eat.  Perry is very limited in eating establishments, so we opt to head to Stillwater and eat at the Texas Roadhouse.  It has warmed up quite a bit, and it is a great ride to Stillwater.  We get right in at the restaurant and man, I was glad of that, cause I am starving.  The food was great as usual, and its time to head back towards Oklahoma City.

Great day to ride, and appreciate being asked to ride with the Biggs.  Next week we are heading to Bikes, Blues and BBQ in Arkansas.  Hope the weather is dry for us.  More to come later.  :)