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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday (Quartet) Afternoon Ride 2-17-13

Weather is just about perfect today.....except....the wind....Yep, the wind.  You know if you live in Oklahoma, for it to get warm  the wind has to be out of the south.  Well, let me tell you it is today!!!

I think from now on, instead of naming our riding partners by their names, Chris & Diana, I will coin a name that I saw for a new movie.  We will be knows in blog land as the "Quartet".  Now I know that has to do with music, but I think we are going to make it for motorcycle riding friends.  Yes, spread the word....The Quartet's are riding.

We, the Quartets had a bit of a mission today.  Part of it is to soak up some of the great vitamin D that God has so graciously given us today.  The other is to fill our stomachs...(imagine that)....and the most important part of the day is to run by and see how Tom is doing.

We decide to eat at Flat Tire Burger in Bethany.  The place was pretty full when we got there, but looks like it is clearing out by the time we get our food.  Oh My Gosh....their burgers are so good.  I am not notably a burger person, but I really do like theirs.  Chuck is able to get a turkey burger there as well, so it is a win, win for this Quartet.  Diana tried the Taco Salad and she said it was really good as well.

I have been texting Norma to make sure Tom is up to having visitors today.  She said she thought he would enjoy it.  We made a quick stop at the Braum's to get him some milk....yes, we you didn't know that!

Tom was feeling pretty good.  He is a bit weak on his right side.  He is so lucky that the stroke wasn't that bad.  Dr's say he can go back to work.  Not sure when he is going to do that, as Norma says it may take him too long to get ready...LOL...said he was a bit slow today.  Hope he doesn't rush it.  He has plenty of R&R time at work, so he needs to get well.  He has one restriction and it is that he can't ride his bike for 3 months.  No bueno on that, but a guy has to do what the doc says!!!

Tom's daughter, Jennifer, was working on a ceiling fan in the dining room as we got there.  Chris being the gentlemen and electrician that he is, stepped right in, and help Jennifer get that fan up with just one small hitch.  She had to run and buy some different screws for the fixture.  Chris makes the installation look so darn easy.  I think he has done it a few times.

We didn't want to wear out our welcome, so we said our goodbyes, and got on the bikes and headed east on I-40.  Temperature was great, but that darn 25 plus mph wind was not good.

Chuck had gotten a new app for the Iphone yesterday, and I had to try it out as we rode.  I think it is pretty cool...I may use this for some of the pics for the blog!!!  Might want to try it out yourself.  It was free!!!

We just made a big circle and came back towards Yukon.  Our last stop of the day was to Louie's and mothers.  Louie's computer had an issue that Chuck checked out.

Sure is nice to see the days are getting longer.  Maybe we will actually see Spring pretty soon.  We have some trees that are budding out.

Our final stop was the Braum's in Yukon.  Have to top the day off with ice cream.    The sunset was very colorful this evening.  Love those sunsets!
All in all, we had a great day.  We seem to do that when we are with the Biggs.  As we get home, that South wind has decided to change to blow from the North for awhile.  I just thought the wind blew hard from the South...we are supposed to have wind gust up over 40 mps on Monday.  Hold on to your hat!!!  That wind is sweeping down the plains again!  Whatever you lost yesterday, will be back in your yard tomorrow.