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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hi Wave or Low Wave

The last few weeks have been so crazy and this blog post will probably be all over the place.  Tornados ripping apart Oklahoma..Mother breaking her hip, our friends struggling with their own life threatening hospital and life changing events. You can read our friends blog here. Joel and Sarahs Journey
I think we need a little time out from all this.  A good bike ride is what is in order.  :) 

As we rode one evening, I just chuckeled to myself.  I love to see how the oncoming bike is going to wave. 
Most all bikers know that bikers wave at each other as they pass by.  Sometimes there is too many things going on to do this, but a nice head nod works well also.  Chuck has always waved the low know what it is, that cool down low wave.   I even googled about waves.  There is a blog explaining the 5 different waves that motorcyclist use.  I had no idea.  You can read about it here.  Motorcycle Etiquette How Not To Wave Like A Dork  What type of "waver" are you??!!!  Are you a dork??  Better watch out, cause I have my eye on you.  :)  Just kidding! 

Sometimes when we are rally's like Sturgis, and Red River Memorial Rally and others that are large in size, you can either leave your hand out all the time, or just say to heck with it and not wave. I don't think it is snobbish not to wave....Do you? 

The temperatures have gotten into the high 90's this week, so I think we are in for a HOT one!!!!  The evening rides have been really nice.  Our humidity levels are so high due to all the rain, you feel poached by the time you get to your destination. 

We rode Sunday afternoon down Rt. 66 towards El Reno.  You know, living here all my life, and knowing what tornadoes can do is so overwhelming, but when you really see the destruction up close and personal, it just brings you to tears.  The Vo-tech is totally gone.  Metal and bricks and papers are everywhere.  But just like always, there is that army of little ants (people) busy trying to make a dent in the recovery effort.  What wonderful people we have in this state.  Source of picture

We head south on Hwy 81, and you are able to see the path the tornado took.  Sadly it almost destroyed a 100 yr. old house that some people just bought and were starting to restore.  As we rode, I notice a whole lot of cars parked in front of this wheat field.  There were all those worker ants out in the field.  They were cleaning it of debris.  You see it is time to harvest that wheat.  You can't let a combine go into the fields with all the stuff that is out there.  I don't think anyone has any idea the violence and total destruction that  a tornado can leave behind. 

Enjoyed getting out on the bike and seeing first hand what was left behind.  Feel so sorry for so many people that have lost everything they own.  And the 21 lives that were lost in the last tornado is just so very sad.  Stuff can be replace, but people cant.  Storms like these are not be taken lightely, as they are deadly.  Thanksfully the weather has calmed down here for a while, and we can settle into out HOT summer.  :)  Wave at someone today!!!