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Monday, July 1, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Monday July 1)

Day 6

Partly cloudy as we head out this morning.  We are heading to Greenville SC.  Today is just about perfect riding weather.  I haven't said much about where we are going, but you know that we won't be going to Myrtle Beach due to the weather.  We are going to our first event Wing Ding.  Since we are new to the Honda Gold Wing community, we decided we needed to check out the annual trek that is kinda sorta but not quite like Harley's National Rally.

It is looking more and more that we are going to get wet during this part of the trip.  We have been very lucky up to this point, but I think our luck is going to be all used up!  

We stop for lunch just down the street from the hotel.  We got truly some of the worst service a person could even think of.  We sat there for quite a while just talking, and when we got ready to leave, the girl that was supposed to be taking care of us, corners Chuck & Chris and ask if we paid our tab...Well yes!!!  If she had ever come back she would have seen we left the money on the table.   Really, I don't think we are in the habit of walking a tab...too bad this place has left a bad taste in our mouth, because we could have come back here again...Oh well!

Went to hotel that will be home for 4 days and checked in. We do a little exploring and find that we are only about five miles from convention center, where Wing Ding will be.  Found a short cut to get back to the hotel and found the mall along the way.   We picked up some water repellent spray to put on bike cover.

Back at the hotel we go to the pool and hang out and cool off.   There are a lot more people and bikes pulling in, so it looks like this is the place to be....Wing world...LOL                                                   

The lady at the front desk of the hotel tells us a pretty good place to eat is Rafferty's.  Its only about 2 miles away so we ride there and hope we can eat before it starts to rain.  Our waitress name is Shinequah.  Never had met a person by that name before.  She was a very good waitress.   Food was really good as well.  We finish and head back to the room so we can get the bikes covered for the night.

We got there just in time, as it starting to mist.  We go up to the front and by that time it is raining pretty good.  Bikes are coming in, and people are good and wet.  Looks like our rain suits are going to be used quite a bit in the next few days.  :(

Goodnight world, we will see what tomorrow brings.