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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lone Star Rally 2013 (Day 2)

Looks like the after match of Hurricane Raymond has done a number on Austin and surrounding areas. Throughout the night, my phone would notify me that we were in a Flood soon as mine would finish, Chuck's would go off.  I was too tired to even get up and turn the darn thing off.  Chuck finally got up around 3am and turned his off. 
The news reports upwards of 15" of rain in some areas. We on the other hand are dry. There are lots of water rescues all around us.

We delay leaving until around 10:30 and the sun we are seeing now is a bit deceiving. We will be heading towards what is left of the storm.

As we cross one of the rivers in San Marcus cars are parked on the sides of the bridges as people are getting a look at the raging water.

As we get out if the town there are several side roads closed due to the high waters.

I hate to day orbit!?????What????

We are traveling 183 and the skies are getting darker as we go. We sit and wait for one of those really long trains to pass in the town of Lulling. I have to say the trains always amaze me. 
As we sat and waited for the train to pass I get a text from Doreen saying she needs a potty stop. Well I have to say that was what her text said. Here is is and you can be the judge.

Chuck had seen a donut shop so we turn around and go back. The lady working there wasn't sure what was going on but we all purchased donuts and drinks and of course took advantage of the restroom as well. :)
Allen informs us that he has burned his frog togs again. Nothing like the smell of burned frog togs in the morning. Heck if he keeps this up he is going to have to resort to cutting them off and making shorts out of them....LOL 

When we get back on the bikes the sun is shining and it has really warmed up. We all agree we wont need our jackets and if the weather warrants we will stop and put them back on.
We ride for quite awhile before it starts to darken again. Chris says we have gone from the 90"s back into the low 70"s. I for one am cool. Not much further down the road the mist starts getting pretty thick so we pull to the side of the road and get out jackets. A little farther and the rain is really falling. I see a restaurant and we decide to eat some lunch and let the weather move on out. 

The little restaurant didn't have any customers when we drove up. Two of the waitress were sitting on the porch. I think they were waiting for us!

Snowflake Donuts!  GOOD!

We sit and eat some really good food.  The waitress was extremely attentive and have to say we had a good time.  As we finish and walk out, the skies have once again turned to sunshine.  It was time to get on down the road, so we get back on the bikes and head out. 

Our next stop is to gas up, and the mist is trying really hard to make us slow down again, but we actually headed south (I think) out of the station, and showed the rain gods we weren't interested in getting any wetter. 

Our ride into Galveston was very pleasant.  The overcast skies stay with us most of the day, but we are able to get there dry.  We make it to the hotel around 5pm, and get our rooms, and get unpacked.  We decide to go ahead and drive toward The Strand and see what is going on there. 

The vendors are all set up, but according to most of them, today was a wash out.  The rains finally let up late in the afternoon.  It was apparent they had gotten a lot of rain, as the tents were still dripping, and there were water puddles everywhere.  Glad we let the storms move on out! 

Dinner is at Fisherman's Wharf tonight.  We sit outside, and it is pretty nice.  They have a fan blowing on the guys, and they are a bit cool....but we are informed they can't turn them off.  Oh well, we make the best of it.  As we sit there, the guys have the side that looks out towards the water.  Chuck comments on the yacht that is sitting on the water by our deck.  It is the "Boardwalk".  Our waitress informs us that it is owned by the gentleman that owns this restaurant as well as the Willie G's next door.  Not only does he own those restaurants, he owns about any restaurant that has "fish" on its menu.  Plus the guys owns the Golden Nugget....

Thanks to our smart phones, Chris pulls up some information on this guy.  Sure enough, he is quite the Billionaire!!!!!  It cost 5 Million Dollars a year just for the upkeep on the yacht we are starring at.

He is here this evening with some of his management team having dinner.  Well, isn't that special!!!!  If you are interested in learning more.....Boardwalk Yacht

The food was really great.  The factoid was even better.  We had a great evening and it was time to walk back towards the bikes and go back to our hotel. 

Again it was a great day and we stayed Dry!!!!!  At this point in the trip, not sure how much more burning Allen's Frog Togs could have handled.  ;)