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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snow-quake in Oklahoma.

We have had snow, sleet, and earthquakes and very cold temperature here in Oklahoma the last few days.  OK, so the cold, sleet and very cold temp are OK, but mix that with a 4.5 have to admit it is a bit strange.

We have been have quite a few earthquakes here in the middle of America. There is a fault line that actually goes through Oklahoma City.  If you read about the earthquakes you can find out that we have been having them since the 1800's but I guess they didn't have all the news media and coverage we now have so when the earth shook most people didn't even realize it.  

Back to the snow...usually we have snow one day and then the next day the sun comes out and it gets in the 50's and it is gone rather quickly.  This storm has been different as the article blast that brought it has decided to keep it cold.  We are experiencing temperatures in the 20's and night dropping into the single digits. 

My little ruler star! 

My friend Diana and I got out on Saturday and drove to Minco, Oklahoma for the 23rd Annual Honey Festival.  The main highways were clear and we had no problems getting to Minco. The streets off the highway were snow packed, but not that bad.  The craft show was really nice and we both found some treasures we couldn't live without. A lady had some stars made from old measuring tapes and we both bought one.

We bought honey from the local honey company.   I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and I really had no idea that we had honey so close to us.  The Ross Honey Co has been in business since 1935.  (Ross Honey Co. via their Facebook account)

Honey and Honey Straws

A booth was set up from a local Alpaca dealer.  I wish I had bought the bundles of Alpaca they had on a stick for the birds to make their nest from.  The people have a store front in Yukon, so I will have to make a trip and get some.

We found the home made soaps and lotions from Swinging K Farms.  I was struck by the honey patchouli.  It was heavenly.  Because Diana & I are both involved with DoTerra, we ask her where she bought her essential oils from.  Sorry to say neither of us had a business card to hand her.  :(

 I noticed a man that had a stack of books.  We walked over and he told us he was the author of the books he had for sale.  His name was Art Anthony, and it was his first publishing.  Since Chris is the reader of this bunch, Diana buys him the book.  It is called Sulphur River.  The flyer boast that if you like westerns you will love Sulphur River.  Since it will be up to Chris to read the book and give his opinion on the book, I am sure you will be waiting just like us to she what he thinks of it.  If you can't wait for his book report and want to have one of your own, here is a link to his book Sulphur River.  

It was a fairly small craft show, but we scored quite nicely.  Even picked up a bucket of redskin peanuts from Binger, OK., and I almost forgot about the peanut brittle.    It was really fun buying "local".  

Back to the peanut brittle....we were making our purchase and all of a sudden there was a commotion to the side of us.  As we turned to see what was going on, I see fist flying and words being spouted out at a very loud rate!  Thank goodness there we people there attempting to pry these two ladies apart.  Oh my!  Seems a local lady that lives next to this building was having an altercation with a lady that apparently had parked in her driveway.  We proceeded to shop the other direction!  

As we leave the building with all our worldly finds we see two local police officers at a house.  Yep, you guessed it....that lady that was screaming at the other one to stay out of her drive was sitting on the porch.  The police were going up to her and as I looked at her and she glared at me.  I attempted to not make eye contact...LOL. I didn't want to get get whacked by her!  

Safely in the car with all our packages we make our way down the snow covered streets to Main Street Minco. A friend that had a booth told us of a couple of store that were only open on Saturday, so we had to stop and check them out.  As we park and get out of the car, the local fire truck with lights and sirens blaring goes by us.  

Great little town stores and we both find a little something that we just have to have.  Back in the car, I see the sign pointing to the honey factory.  Might as well drive by it, but guess that wasn't in the cards today, cause we never saw the place.  Oh well, there is always next time.

I make a call to tell the guys we are going to make one more stop, in Yukon.  We make our way to downtown.  The new craft mall was where we were headed.  I had an agenda.  The friend we saw at Minco had reminded me about something I want to check out.  There is a booth that has pieces of the Old Yukon's Best Flour Mill sign, and I think I want to own a piece of this nostalgic piece of Yukon, Oklahoma.  I am so excited to be a proud owner of an old piece of rusted sign...LOL....Yukon's Best Flour  The interesting part of this little bit of history is that Yukon's Main street is on Rt. 66 and so is the flour mill, and the sign had been dark for quite some time, and just this summer was given new life with a brand new sign.   So you see why I wanted this little bit of Yukon America.  :)

Our men that held the house down while we were gone and watched the Bedlam football game.  They tell us that they heard the earthquake ( I know this sounds strange, but you can actually hear the rumble coming down the road like a big ole truck) and actually my hanging pot rack quivered and moved.  I think it was too early for them to be drinking so Diana and I had to take their word for it. LOL.  

Great day with a mix of excitement!