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Thursday, February 13, 2014

And Now There Are Two...A Tribute to "Mans" Best Friend

This blog is a tribute to one of the best dogs a person could ever ask for.  I know, it might seem funny to some people to write about your 14 yr. old dog that went over the Rainbow Bridge, but if you have ever had a furry person in your life, you will understand.

I write this with tears in my eyes, as we lost our wonderful Australian Cattle Dog aka Blue Heeler to age this last week.  We will miss you sweet Sydni.

I have to eulogize a bit, and tell you that was only 5 weeks old when she came to live with us in 2000. Her mom was Red and her dad was Blue, and Sydni was Red in front and Blue towards the back.  As she aged, she really looked more like a Red Heeler.

We had never had a Heeler and had not really researched that much about them, but we quickly learned of their devotion and eagerness to please their owner.  Sydni was my husband's dog.  She would sit with him, and follow him everywhere.  She had a very bobbed tail, and it made her a bit heavy in the front.  This made the trips in the back of the truck something I would almost dread, as she would lean over so far, I was scared she would fall out.  She never did, and oh how she loved to "Load Up".

Left: Roxi  Center:Sydni  Right: Belle
Sydni was the only dog we have ever had that watched TV.  She really disliked the "AFLAC" duck... and if she thought for one minute she heard that word, she would bark and run to the TV.  With that being said, she was not found of any type of animated cartoons.  She was a mess...and we loved all her little quirks.

Her favorite movie was "Last of the Dogmen".  She watched the whole movie, and never for a moment took her eye off the TV.  The movie had a Blue Heeler by the name of Zip in it.  That was another trigger word that you couldn't say.  If you mentioned Zip she would start barking.
2007 with "Little" Sister Belle

The dog had not a bad bone in her body.  She loved everyone.  She really loved kids, and she was just a very well rounded dog.  Very obedient, until it came to brushing her.  She didn't like to be brushed.  Strange how that was the one thing she really disliked a lot.

Sweet Sydni had developed arthritis in her front legs, but she was able to get around with the other 2 dogs, but just not as fast.  She was a Frisbee catching fool in her younger years.

Sydni left this world in her own way.  She had quit eating for three days....walked out to the garage and laid down on her dog bed.  She stayed in that same spot until she took her last breath.  She was at peace.

Sydni was the oldest and has two sisters, Roxi and Belle.  They will miss their big sister and matriarch, as Sydni was the Alpha.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Who will take that top spot?  I can see the battle already being played out.

How do you say goodbye to such a wonderful dog that has been in your life for 14 long years, and gave you the most unconditional love that anyone could ever do.
Thanks you Sydni for being a part of our lives and alloying us to be your Mommy & Dad.  We will always remember and love you.