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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Coopers Frozen Birthday Party.

Our granddaughter turns 6 yrs. old this month.
The theme of her party was Frozen.
I are shocked...LOL
Heather had reserved Journey Church's party area for the 1 pm party.
Looks like mom outdid herself with all the cute decorations. 
And the cake , what can I say....It was awesome!

My contribution to the decorations was a rag banner for the front of the cake table.
Cooper looks so cute in her Frozen clothes 

Everything looked great.

The area has a blow up bounce area and also a great indoor slide and climbing area. 
Great for the kids as well as the parents, as it is very warm and humid today.

Add a dozen or so kids, and have a party extravaganza!

The kids played and had a good time, and then they all gathered around Cooper to watch her open her presents.

It was now time to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles. 

Cooper did a great job of blowing out the 6 tall candles that had been placed on her gorgeous cake.

Heather cut cake and we handed out ice cream cups to all who wanted it.

Before you knew it two hours has passed and the party was coming to an end.

Party favors were handed out along with snowflake cookies.
The favors for the girls that wanted them were jeweled crowns. The boys and yes some of the girls as well got swords.
The swords were really a hit!!!!

What a wonderful celebration for the Princess of Quite A Lot,
Miss Cooper.

Wonderful memories were made today and I for one enjoyed every one of them.

Cash & Pops enjoying the party 

Happy Birthday Cooper...Pops and Grandma love you to the Moon and Back  :)