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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Galveston Family Vacation 2014 (day 2)

We wake to more rain.
There is a new McDonalds on the seawall, so we head there for breakfast.
It is nothing short of a washout at this point.
The rain has really decided to come down, and people are scrambling this morning to stay somewhat dry.
Chuck has some work to catch up on, so the wifi worked out perfectly for that.
I am sure most of you can understand when I say, we just sit there....but it was a nice sit!

We meet up with the "the kids" around 2pm.  The  storms keep rolling in.

The Spot was busy as usual, and we found a couple of tables upstairs, where you could be outside, but covered from the weather.
The food was as good as it always is.
No surprises!!

We can't check into the house until 4, but we go ahead and drive out to it.
It is about 7 miles from 61st Street.
My son found the home we are renting through VRBO.
So far so good, as we drive up.
We try the code to get in, but looks like the door will not open until 4pm sharp!

There was a nice street level place to park both cars and tables and chairs to sit at as we waited for the time to pass, and yes it was still raining!
Finally 4pm, and we get access to the house.
It is nothing short of "nice".
Just as it was pictured on the site.
Lots of stairs and unloaded is done in the next 30 minutes.

The grandkids have found their bunk beds and are quite happy with their accommodations  :)
My mom and Louie get the master suite.
More stairs for them, as they are on the 3rd level.
Heather and I get our shopping list ready, and we leave everyone to go shopping at the Walmart back in town.

The rains continue as we load the truck with our purchases.

As we return to make some dinner for the hungry travelers the rain starts to let up.
We finish up and get changed into beach clothes, and head to the beach.
Time to get some sand between our toes and find some sea treasures.

First time the kids have ever been to the ocean!
The seaweed didn't agree with Cash, our 3 yr old grandson.  He didn't like "seaweed", and truthfully it really didn't feel that great as it wraps around your feet!

But, hey, we are here, and by golly we are going to have some fun!

The outdoor shower is really nice, as we all clean off the sand we brought back.
The kids thought that was just about the coolest thing they had ever seen.

Day 1 at the beach house is about over, and although not a complete day, it has been a lot of fun and very busy.

The kids played with the Jinga game we brought back from our grocery shopping trip.
Enjoyed today and all the "new" experiences the grand kids had.
More to come tomorrow. ;)