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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Galveston Texas Vacation 2014

Family vacation 2014
Take two great grandparents....add two grandparents....two grand kids...and then add son and daughter in in Galveston Texas for a few days of R&R.
That is exactly what we did.
We have a three bedroom house in the Pirate Beach area for three nights waiting for us.
The weather was a bit different for the month of June, as we got rained on as we headed South.
Texas is in such a drought situation, and we know how desperately they are needing rain, so we didn't complain.
We drove to Galveston and got a motel for the night.
We will meet up with the kids on Thursday.
My mom and step-dad weathered the ride well.
They were excited to get out of town, and since they  hadn't been to Galveston in a lifetime, they looked forward to the trip.
We had been warned about the seaweed, but until you actually see it, you can't imagine how bad it was.

Very strange thing happened as we come to the end of 61st street.
First and foremost, the SMELL....Seaweed decomposing....gassy smell....YUCK!

As you look out onto the water we can see what we thought was a water spout off shore.
I am able to get a picture of it.
Come to find out, the news later reports that Galveston had a tornado....hmmm....guess that wasn't just a water spout....and what are the odds that we would drive out to the seawall and see this...Amazing!!!

The temperature was really pleasant, and we are on vacation.
Life is great.
Enough excitement for one day...we head back to our motel and get some rest, for tomorrow we go to our home away from home.  :)