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Sunday, February 8, 2015

New Mexico Family Snow-cation 2015(Sunday)

Looks like the grown kids are going to go skiing today.
Seems that Cash is too young, by a couple of weeks, to get a good ski lesson.
Cooper isn't interested in skiing, so Chuck and I will stay around the house with the grands, and let mommy and daddy go have some fun.

We meet the skiers at the base of the mountain, to have some lunch.
It is nice and warm today.
Not really that perfect for skiing a mountain, but hey, at least they are skiing.
Our food from the little restaurant was really good.
We sat outside and enjoyed the weather.

Anthony & Heather were getting ready to go take a lift up the mountain, so they could ski down the mountain for the kids to see them.
Cooper's new Mood Ring decided to jump off her finger, and wouldn't you know it, it fell between the cracks of the deck that we were standing on.
The look on her face was so sad.
She really loved her new mood ring.
Tears flowed, and I assured her that we would find her another ring.
I felt so bad for her.
As the kids ski down to us, it appears that this is their last run.
They are going to hang up the skis and come and spend time with the kids.

There is a little candy store that we hadn't gotten to check out, and the word "candy" got the kids ears perked.

We also made a run to a little store that has t-shirts.
Heather had found Cooper a cute pink hoodie at the ski rental store, but had yet found something for Cash.
I am so glad we made this stop, because believe it or not, they had "Mood Rings".
Our granddaughter was smiling again, and not only that, but Cash the grandson even got one.
These are adjustable ones.
They have little animals on them.

We head back to the house, and play in the snow.

Cooper built the cutest snowman.

Cash got buried in the snow.

Snow Angels were made.

Sledding  down the side of the mountain, again...I even tried it!!!

We had a grand time enjoying the snow.

We had hot chocolate with big ole marshmallows in it.
Yes, we did all of this and more.
Making memories, and isn't that what its all about anyway.
The memories.

What a wonderful trip this has been.
We will head back to Oklahoma first thing in the morning.
So glad we were able to spend the time with the kids and grands.
Sometimes you just have to unplug and enjoy life.