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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

RIP Baby Belle 2006-2015

I find myself writing about another one of our fur babies that has cross over the rainbow bridge.
Belle was way too young for this horrible disease called "pemphigus" to take her so early.

Our first visit to the vet was to see if she had an allergy issue.
We had just lost our Roxi, and I really wondered if she was having issues because of this. 
After trying to isolate the food, and her continued decrease in health, the vet suggested we get a core sample and send it off for evaluation. 
The results were not what we wanted to hear.
She was diagnosed with pemphigus, which is basically an auto immune disease very similar to humans.  
She was put on high doses of steroids to try to restart her immune system.
This wasn't working and she continued to lose her hair and muscle tone.
I would laugh and say we have a Mexican hairless!
I can't tell you how many baths this poor girl got in the following months. 
Since the steroids weren't working they added another medication.
I can truly say Belle was a very strong and determined dog, just like her breed is known for.

Sadly she continued to get worse and worse, and we took her to the vet the morning of Sept 24th and Dr. Roach said he felt it was time to let her go.

Belle was known for her typical Heeler style.
She would  nip at people's heels when they would let their guard down.
She was quite cautious of who she would let into her world, not that she didn't like you, but she wanted to make sure she was keeping me safe.

Belle was her moms Velcro dog, and followed me everywhere.
She really was "my" dog.
If you know anything about this breed, this is a trait that is again typical Blue Heeler.  
Belle came into our hearts as a little fighter at the ripe age of 5 weeks, covered in fleas and ticks.
My husband had heard about a guy that wanted to get rid of the pups and arranged to get her for me as I had always wanted a Blue!

She can never be replaced in my heart and I am so thankful to have had her as my side kick.
She leaves behind her newly acquired sister "Bronco" and her mom and dad.
We will miss her spunky little attitude.

Belle at a young age playing with her sisters.  Sadly they have all crossed the Rainbow Bridge.