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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spyderfest #3 Day 4

We wake to fog and you know what that means.  Looks like we are going to have a rain suit ride home.  :(  Weather is down towards Springfield, and we will more than likely catch up to it.  Dummy me decides to not put on my rain suit.  All the other seasoned bikers take heed to the weather and dress appropriately.  I have on my leather, and barring a downpour should be quite nice and comfy.  The skies go from almost light to really dark.

 No rain though.  As we get closer to Lebanon, I am on the phones looking at the weather app.  We are going to meet the big mess of rain and it is coming quickly.  Lots of lightening, and we decide it is time to take cover.  We don't get to the cover before it starts pouring.  Now remember I am wearing my leather.  Hmmm, and why didn't I put on my rain suit.  Was really glad when we pull off the highway and duck under the cover of a gas station.  I have some really wet gloves, and my jeans are pretty wet in the crotch department.  I am finding I am not the only one that has some wet clothing.  Diana goes and changes her shirt cause she is pretty wet.  Chuck says water was dripping in the front of him too.  Chris failed to put his gloves on, so he was feeling the driving rain on his bare hands.  Guess we all got a little bit of something out of this.  I am putting my rain suit on, and maybe this will wart off the rain gods.  As we stand there drying out, and couple of Spyders pull up.  They have decided to take refuge as well.  Nice people...they don't live too far from Lebanon...on the Oklahoma side, at Grand Lake.  We get back on the bikes as the storm has now passed, and head towards Springfield.  We stop there for lunch and gas.  Weather is clearing a lot after we finish eating.  Time to take off the rain gear.  Hopefully we don't need it anymore.  There were a few patches of mist along the way to Tulsa, but really not bad at all.  The wind is really blowing like crazy.  Probably a good thing we have the cloud coverage, as it would be so hot and humid otherwise.  Last stop is gas in Tulsa.  Poor Chris and Diana are flogged by a girl as soon as they pull in for gas.  She is wanting to ask all the regular questions that everyone ask.  Has been a quiet weekend on the "ask Chris about the Spyder".

As we make the final stretch to home, we hit a couple of small showers, but nothing bad.  Other than the downpour that we experienced earlier today, this has really been a nice weekend for riding.  Enjoyed exploring Missouri a little more, but as usual, there is never enough days to do all we want to.  Great weekend, and enjoyed Spyderfest #3.  Mileage 1097.