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Saturday, July 14, 2012

FNDR 7-13-12 Sandro's Pizza

Not sure how everyone else feels about this week, but I for one am glad it is over.  I know it is Friday the 13th, and that just compounds the bad week I had.  Not bad in a really bad way, but just one of those that you are ready for it to be over.  No do overs.
With that said, we head out from Yukon around 5:15 and go what we call the "back way" into Norman.  With all the crazy drivers we experience last night as we tried to get to Norman to celebrate our son's 30th Birthday, Chuck opted for the more scenic route.
It is hot, of course, it is July, so duh!!!  Humidity and heat, just don't feel that good.  I think it was around 100 as we left.  We ride down highway 4 and have to say it was not really busy.  We get on the turnpike and as we approach the toll booths, I look up and Chuck is going straight for the booths.  We have a pike pass, so not sure what that is all about.  Then all of a sudden, we cross over at the last minute to the pike pass lane.  OK, I get it, he was deep in thought and forgot where he was.  I sat back on my seat and didn't say a word.  LOL  The traffic at the casino was not even bad, we are really doing good so far.  We take the Highway 4 exit instead of riding on down to Main street.  OK, so we are taking a more scenic route.  We ride to Chautauqua Avenue and then turn to the North.  We ride Chautauqua till it dead ends.  We wind a little and boom we are on Main Street.  I love riding through the older neighborhoods of Norman.  We are right down by the university, and it is always fun to see the old houses.  As we pull into Sandro's, our friends from Duncan pull in also.  Lynn & Keith brought their friends Larry & Carla.  Steve & Jennifer are standing by their bike, and looks like they have also brought a couple.  We get inside and Tom, Seda, Allen, Doreen and the kids are already seated.  I had made a call to Sandro's earlier today and told them we would have around 14.

We had 18, so due to the air conditioning problems that they were having, we couldn't sit in their new area, and our table was maxed.  We improvised and had a "kiddy" table, right across from us.
Kiddy Table  :) 

Since Lynn, Keith, Larry and Carla were the last to order, guess who got to sit at the "Kiddy" table.

Family size Calazone!!  

After I finished eating, I moved over by them to talk.  I love our big group, but I have to say, when it is so large, it is really hard to find a place that can handle all of us.  Food was a bit slow coming out, and Sandro's was running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Finally got Carla & Larry's pizza.  Due to the air conditioning issue, Jennifer ask if we are going to go have margarita's.  Not sure if Taco Cabana has them in Norman.  She gets on the phone and confirms that they do have them, even strawberry!!!  Didn't take too long to get this group moving towards the door, and on our way to Taco Cabana.

Allen, Doreen and the boys didn't come with us, but the rest followed.  We walk in, and get our orders taken.  Just sure we would be able to get our swirl margarita, I order one.  Well, the guy tells me that he got in trouble for doing that, so we go to the other plan.  Two plain, and two strawberry pitchers.  We will make our own swirls.  We sit and talk, and laugh, and then we start doing some musical chairs, and end up with the guys on one end and the girls on the other.  Now that is just about perfect.  Guys talking motorcycles and girls talking beads, hair and anything else on the table.  Before we know it, the pitchers are empty, and it is time to start towards home.  I can tell you one thing, the ride home was a whole lot better than the ride to eat.  Another FNDR comes to an end, but as you know, there will be more.  :)

As we came through downtown, fireworks were going off at the ballpark.  Good timing on our part.