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Friday, August 10, 2012

FNDR 8-10-12

We rode to Mustang, yes we rode....I know that is a shock in itself, but the weather has finally taken a much needed break, and the temperature has cooled down a bit.  We ate at our wonderful Mexican Food Restaurant, Los Vaqueros, and have to say we had a good crowd.  We had all sat down and had half our food eaten, and Tom says, hey, I think that is the "new" people.  You know....Janie & Troy.  I looked around, but they had been seated in another area.  I walked over to find them, and Janie said they told her there was no room for them at our table.  Well, now I don't think they know this group very well.  We all scrunched and moved around, and made room....The food was good as usual, and the company was even greater.  Keven & Wendy even made it tonight, and it was really good to see them.  Our little group of 13 was all nestled back in the corner, and we were quite content. 

After dinner, we walked out and the guys had to come and look at the new bike.  You know that stand and stare, and touch and ask questions kinda time that guys do.  So, after the tutorial of what this button and that button does, we were ready to go to our next stop.  We were going to Taco Cabana and meeting Keith & Lynn for a little liquid refreshment.  Some opted out, and then of course we had our "regulars" that couldn't pass up the trip.  Was absolutely a beautiful evening to be riding.  The sunset was pretty cool, and I was able to take a picture of it.  I just love our sunsets here in Oklahoma.  We have some of the best in my opinion.  But you know you are talking to an "Okie".   

Spydie following us this evening.  :) 
The outside area was just perfect, and we sat and had a good time.  We girls discussed our beads, and what new charms we had, and I mentioned that I needed to get an  angel wing for mine, and Lynn said she had one she would give me.  That was so sweet of her, and it is my first official "Wing" charm.  (some of the little things in life that makes us smile)  Lynn reminded us that is had been 5 yrs. ago today that our friend Roger & Linda had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  Wow, time flies.  I know Roger is up in heaven just laughing and giving Chuck grief about "finally" buying a Honda.  :)  Wish they were still with us to tell us in person. 

  As we sat and discussed the world, we hear a car bottom out at the light, and then we see police cars coming, and then more police....what is going on.  Now this corner has always had action, but we hadn't seen much this year.  Seems a guy flipped his truck as he sped through the intersection as he was getting on the ramp to the highway.  He had bailed, and the police are now out in force looking for him.  Interesting to say the least.

So much for all the excitement, and it is time to start heading homeward bound.  As we leave, the wrecker is now loading the truck, and the police are still out there looking for this person.  This was the excitement for this evening for sure.  Everyone made it home safely, and the ride home was just about perfect.  Wonderful time with friends.  :)