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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Will ride for food... Sweetie Pies Ribeyes, here we come

We pull out from the house about 8:15 with Diana & Chris right behind us.  We are heading to Duncan, OK. to meet up with Keith & Lynn.  Our destination today is Decatur Texas.  Lynn had told us about another restaurant in the town, so we have a date to eat at Sweetie Pies Ribeyes.  If you have ever ridden with Chuck & I we usually stop at Catfish O'Harlies for some really good catfish, but today, we are going to Sweetie Pies.   We have about a 50 percent chance of rain in Oklahoma City, and we hope that is really does rain, so maybe if we get on the bike and head out, this will happen.

The sky is semi cloudy, and the temperature is in the 70's.  Just perfect for a ride down Highway 81. Funny thing was as we rode through Chickasha, and Marlow it would start raining.  Just a gentle sprinkle.  Never rained outside of the towns...if you left the city limits, the rain would stop.  We get to Duncan about 9:45 and it is dry, and Lynn & Keith are there waiting.

Keith & Lynn 
 Looks like we have elected Keith to lead us to Decatur, and I have to say it is kinda fun, being the second bike.  We didn't head direct for Decatur, as we had another stop to make before we get there.  We rode to Wichita Falls and stopped at the Red River Harley Dealership.  They were having a nice little sale going on.  It is Texas tax free weekend, and they were also giving 20% off most everything in the store.  Now that we are in Texas the heat has found us again, and we are putting on our sunscreen.  Not too hot, but definitely warmer than what we left this morning.

PPG Glass Company 

I had to take a picture of this glass factory ourside of Burkburnett Texas.  Seems like I always do that, but it is really cool to see all those colors of glass chips.  These piles are very large, and I know my picture doesn't do it justice, but I was saying something to Lynn about it, and she says she does the same thing.  Too funny!!!

Diana & Chris at The Square at Decatur, TX 

Sweetie Pies Ribeyes
 Glenda & Diana 
Diana said her friend Glenda had called while we were riding.  She is building a home in Weatherford, Texas, and looks like she is going to head to Decatur and have lunch with us.  Now, if we had tried to make this happen, it wouldn't have, but this is just about perfect.  Chuck & I had met Glenda when we went to visit her when she lived in Wyoming in 2006.   This was one of our motorcycle trips that we went to Yellowstone with  Diana & Chris.  Glenda is really a nice person, and will be wonderful to see her again.  She has had some medical issues to deal with, and will be good to see how well she is doing.

We pulled into Sweetie Pies around 1:30.   Glenda had just gotten there a few minutes before us, and our table was ready.  Amazing how this day has fallen together quite nicely.  The food and service was great.  Diana & I both had the fried catfish, and it was really great.  I think it was as good as Catfish O'Harleys.  We had a wonderful visit with Glenda.  Diana and her were able to catch up on all the news from Piedmont.  We finish and get our ticket to pay, and the waitress comments that it looks like we are going to get some rain.  As the guys pay the tab, I go ahead and head outside.

The rain had hit.  Actually raining quite a bit.  I run back to the bikes, and rescue our helmets.  Wow, I wanted to get out and dance in this wet stuff.  We hadn't had a drop of rain in quite a while.  Sure hope we got some of this back home.  (and yes we did get some much needed rain)  

Everyone is pulling out their iPhone and looking at the weather apps.  Looks like we have more coming, so I guess we girls get to do a little retail therapy in this cute square.  First place we hit is right in front of our bikes.  The lady was a real hoot, and she enjoyed us coming in and shopping.  I think we all found a special treasure we had to take home with us except Glenda.  I think her mind is on appliances etc, as she is in the process of building the new home.

Looks like the rain is going to be around for awhile, so we continue to a couple of other shops.  No other money was exchanged though. We didn't find anything else to buy.  :(  One of the shops was a really nice upscale decorating shop.  She had some beautiful furniture and chairs.  I actually think they made them in the back of the shop.  She also had some beautiful bedspreads.  I will NEVER feel bad at pricing a spread anymore after seeing the prices she was getting for hers.  They were priced anywhere from $2800 to $3500.  They were really awesome and I know they were worth every penny.  Gave me some ideas anyway.

We make it back to the guys, and they are still in the same place we left them.  Only excitement for them was a little lizard that tried to follow Keith.  Not sure where the little guy went, but I made sure to check my helmet before putting it on.  Other excitement for them was a guy that pulled up in his truck, and they said he got out and opened the hood of the truck, and put his wallet under the hood and closed it.  He went to Fuzzy's Taco's that was having their grand opening.  They said there was another guy that did the same thing.  Hmmm....not sure if this is a Texas thang or what.

Looks like we have a clearing so we all put on our rain suits and head out.  It has about stopped raining by the time we leave, but looks like we may be in for might as well be ready.  We stop and get gas, and a man ask which way we were traveling, and I told him back north.  He said they had a weather advisory for high winds towards I-35.  We were taking 287 back towards Bowie, hoping that we skirt this next storm.  Didn't take us too long to realize we weren't skirting it, we were in it.  We had some really high winds to deal with.  Not raining that much, but oh my...the wind was terrible.  Sure glad I had my 3/4 helmet with the face shield on.  Makes riding in weather like this so much better.

Clearing skies!!!! 
By the time we get almost to Bowie, the weather had calmed down, and the rest of the ride back to Duncan was really pleasant.  It's a little after 7 by the time we roll into Duncan and it was determined at the last gas stop that we needed to eat some Mexican Food there.

  We stopped at La Fiesta, and wouldn't you know it.  They see a bunch of bikers coming in, and they take us to the tables as far to the back of the restaurant as we could get.  Seems like this happens at most of the places we go.  Do they think we are going to be loud and rude.  They don't know this group.  We do have fun and laugh a lot but never a rude person in the bunch.  Anyway we order our food, and after Lynn & Keith get their guacamole and we didn't, we ask our waiter about it.  Ohhhh, he didn't know we all wanted one.  LOL....The grilled jalapenos were really good.  Again, our tummy's are full, and we need to start towards home.

We say a fond goodbye to our leader and friends, Keith and Lynn.  We had a wonderful day with them.  Keith did a bang up job as leader.  He knew exactly where to go, and it was a real pleasure to ride behind him.

As we get close to Chickasha, Diana tells me over the intercom that we need to make a pit stop.  I know by her breaking in, that it would probably be a good idea to do this before we get into Chickasha.  There is a Valero just a couple of miles away, so we turn it and make the much needed pit stop.  I decided to go ahead and take advantage of the stop and as I walked through the store, I see Batman.  Oh yes I of course we have to take a photo op and get Diana & I's pic with him.  (thanks Chris)  He is a little shorter than I expected  ;)  More laughter, and now we need to get back on the bikes and get home.  Chuck leads us home like he has been down this road a few time.  (Poor guy travels it at least twice a week)  We pull into the house at around 10pm.

We have been on and off the bike since 8am.  Really nice and fun day.  Had a little excitement with the weather.  The people of Decatur should be glad that Chuck & I showed up....seems that rain always follows us.  Mileage was around 425.  I don't have an exact on this trip...but if I get one from my driver, I will post it.