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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bikes, Blues & BBQ 2012 Day 3

We have decided to hit Pig Trail HD again as they had some great jackets on sale and Tom and Mikey are interested in them. I suggest we take the road that is by the hotel and stay off the highway.  Heck it is only a mile to dealership so this should be easy. Well.  Guess that wasn't THAT good of idea. Have to remember where we are. Every road is not a straight shot. There is usually a mountain in the way. We did a u turn and go back the way we know.   We made a stop at McDonald's to grab something for breakfast.  I turn around and do a double take, as Michael has become a store prop.  It was a bit startling...LOL.

We are there early and get our business done and get back on the bikes for today we ride.  We need to be back by 3pm so Tom can meet up with his daughter and friend that are coming in today to see him.  As we leave, we go straight down the road and are in hopes that it will take us back around to the stoplight.  Remember that mountain thing I talked about , we'll we are doing it again.  We go through the town of Little Flock. Yes Little Flock, not Little Rock...LOL

Finally I suggest turning on 13th Street and we are back to the original road and we are at a light controlled intersection. There is just so much traffic, a controlled intersection is a whole lot safer than just jumping out there with 4 bikes following.

It is overcast again but the temperature is really nice. We ride to Eureka Springs and on to War Eagle Mills. Lots of bikes along the way. The hills look so much greener than when we were here in July. They are still needing rain but it isn't as parched looking.

Michael Tom or Allen hadn't ever been to the Mill and I think they enjoyed it. The ride here was really good. Tom didn't realize we had gone through Eureka Springs. Not sure about that boy sometimes. LOL.   Only kidding Tom  :)

We talked about eating and all agreed that beans and cornbread sounded really good so we drive back to Eureka Spring to eat at Grandmas Beans & Cornbread. The town of Eureka Springs is buzzing with bikes.  Food was very good as usual and we plan on riding through downtown and on out to the Golden Gate Bridge of Arkansas.

We come back out on the highway and head back towards the Hotel.  Tom & Mikey are splitting up with us at Bentenville, so he can meet up with his daughter.

 Chris, Diana, Allen and Chuck & I are going to ride over to the Honda shop.  I was a little surprised that Allen went with us, but he said he thought it was only right.  LOL....There was a vendor set up that Allen was telling us about his product.   They are Wheel Balancers for the bike.  Allen says he has a set on his truck, and the guy is on a radio show that he listens to in his truck.  We go over and start looking the product over.  Allen ask the guy if his name was Jeff, and he says yes.  He is the voice that Allen has listened to on the radio.  Interesting.  Long story short, the guys all decide to have some of these wheel balancers put on their bikes.  Supposed to get 30 to 50% more tire life, and a much smoother ride.  (not sure how you can get any smoother on the Wings, but the tire life would be a nice added benefit.)  Had no idea that the dealership closes at 4, and we are there at 3:50, but they go ahead and keep their service guys there to put on the bikes.

We are there till  about 6:30.....they had a real hard time with Allen's bike.  Ended up breaking their wrench trying to get the bolts out of the routers on the back of the bike.  So Allen will have to get the back ones put on when he gets back home.  Bummer, but at least he is half way there.  :)

We have had a little joke going on between Diana, Chris, Chuck and I about those "Ring of Fire" things that go on the front and back tires on the Goldwings.  I told Chuck I HATED them....well, we always tease each other and say we are going to get each other a set.  Even have to sing the song when we talk about it...You know the one..."I fell into a burnin ring of Fire".   So, I find these little lights that go on the valve stems, and buy them, and ask the mechanics to put them on Chris's bike.  He has no idea anything is going on.  I tell Diana what we have done.  So as we leave the dealership we have to come up with a way to let Chris know his bike is lit up.  Chuck is on the intercom with him, and ask him to ride up next to us.  He does, and I am laughing so hard I can hardly stay on the bike.  Chuck ask him if he got some new lights on the bike...poor guy, has no idea what we are talking about, and we are all laughing so darn hard.  Allen even pulls up to see his light show.  By the time we get to the hotel, Chuck has to get on Chris's bike and do a drive by so he can see his light show.  What a good laugh we got out of our little prank.  Chris was a really good sport about it.  You know pay backs are hell, and I bet we see repercussions for this little prank.

We go to the bar, and order some Pizza to be delivered, and watch the Texas, OSU football game.  We have a very rowdy group in there with us, and as soon as the Pizza is delivered, and we eat, we take this party of our up to our room.  It is a lot more enjoyable up there, and we have the rest of the Lime-arita's and popcorn to finish up, for tomorrow we are homeward bound.