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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Emotions 11-17-12

This morning we get on Snow the Goldwing and take a ride to the cemetery where my dad is buried. It's been awhile since we visited him so guess today was as good as any to make a return visit.

My dad and where my mother will be buried 
I am not one that goes there often as he is in my heart every day but it was good to make the visit. It really flooded me with memories.

My dad served in WWII  

My daddy was a wonderful guy. No girl could have asked for any better. Being an only child, I was perfect in his eyes. I was his little princess. I can say I had a wonderful childhood and never missed not having siblings.  I am a very lucky girl to be able to say I had the best!!! I really do miss my dad. He could do anything, or at least in my eyes he could. I feel that my husband is a lot like my dad and I truly think that is the ultimate compliment to both of these guys. :)

We headed west on I-40 and the wind is blowing pretty hard out of the south. Was really nice to head south at Hinton. We get to Binger and head west again on 152. We get to Alfalfa, OK around noon. Chuck & I were the only ones in this small town cemetery. Was nice to look at the family members that share this spot of the world.  Names I remember from my childhood.

I was able to find my dads two sisters.  They were quite young when they passed. Got me to thinking about all the stories and lives that all these people have had. Sometimes we get so busy with the hustle and bustle of daily living and forget to stop and smell the roses. I think that is what is so nice about getting on the bike and riding. Gives a guy a chance to relax.

I appreciate very much that my husband brought me here today. It was a nice chance for me to reflect on a lifetime that I hold in that special place in your heart.

Life is short and we have to make the best of it. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it bad but we have to keep on plugging along. Enjoy the roses along the way. :)
Dad's sister that died at 2 months old. 

Dad's little sister that was only 2 when she passed 

 This song reflects this day for me.