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Friday, January 18, 2013

FNDR 1-18-13 Taco Cabana

I think sometimes when I write about our Friday Night Dinner Rides, I should be a food critic  :)  Seems like in the winter there just isn't a lot to talk about as far as the riding....Imagine that.  Just don't get to put very many miles on during the winter months due to the cold.  So I guess you will just have to endure more food enjoy!

Seems we always end up on Friday nights to have a wonderful margarita at Taco Cabana but we never eat there. Our destination tonight for dinner was Taco Cabana. We had only two other couples show up. The Biggs and the Darlings and their two boys were the extent of our group tonight.

The food was really good for a fast food place. Pretty impressed actually. In Oklahoma there is a Mexican food restaurant on about ever corner, so you get to try a lot of different renditions of it. We had some really good food and then we have had some really bad. I would eat here again without a doubt. The margaritas weren't too shabby either. :)

We rode with the Biggs tonight. We "winged" it. The weather is great for January. We were close to 60 today and on the way home it was 45. Not too bad!!! We are all ready for some Spring weather. We already have our rooms booked for Red River New Mexico ride and Galveston Texas ride.  Galveston isn't until October but if you want a room on the island you have to get them booked early.

I can't wait to start sharing with everyone our trips this year. We are even going to the "Wingding".  Oh yes we are. Guess you will just have to check back to hear all about it! By the way, Wingding will be in July.

Looking forward to lots of riding this year.