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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 1) Wednesday March 6th

We attempted this same trip last year, and if you follow this blog, you know we ended up heading west instead of east, due to the rain in Florida.  Looks like we may be about to make the trip east this year.  We are packed and ready to go.  We are on the Goldwing this year, and pulling our trailer, and have to say we have about every type of clothing we might need.  Some for cold, and some for warm and of course some for that much dreaded rain.  Let the adventure begin.

We head out around noon and meet up with our friends, Chris & Diana to embark on our 12 day trip to Florida.  Plans are to ride to the Florida Keys and back.  We have a pretty sunny day to ride.  It is a bit cold to me, and as soon as we get down the road Chuck pulls over for me to put on my heated gloves, and I plug my jacket in as well.  Now I am nice and toasty.  We have a great ride, and the bikes just hummed down the road without any effort.  People always ask if you notice the trailer behind you and I can truly say you never know it's back there.  

Our destination for this day is Tyler, TX.  We have nice accommodations, and decide to eat at the restaurant that is attached to the motel.  One thing we got a kick out of were the plaques that show your room number.  We go the one that was written on the wallpaper with a sharpie...LOL

Time to rest, as tomorrow our stop will be New Orleans.