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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 5) Sunday March 10th

As if its not bad enough that we lose an hour because of leaving the central time zone, we are also losing another one due to daylight savings time.   Double whammy. 

Rip Tide has closed this beach 

Make it to Dayton, and our first stop is at the Goldwing vendors.   As we pull into the parking area, we park next to a Ural motorcycle.I follwo a blog of a lady ( Fuzzygalore ) that rides one of these bikes, and I am in love with them.  Such a cute the side car.  We shop the vendors, and buy us some Cocona socks.
The guy assures us we will love them.  Will let you know more about these as we try them out.

Chris's trailer is making a strange noise, so we grab some lunch and when the guys finish, the check out his trailer to figure out what is going on.  Well, the wheel bearing is going out.  This is not good.  Looks like we are moving on to plan "B"....

We find the Daytona Speedway where some more vendors are set up.  We actually park across the street in the mall parking lot so we don't have to drag the bikes with the trailers attached through tight areas.  Never believe what was the first vendor we walk to is the Hannigan trailer guys.  They have a white trailer there.  Chris & Diana explain to the guy that their trailer is having a problem, and they end up buying  a trailer. The guy agrees to try to sell their trailer, or bring it back to his shop after the rally, and then ship it home to them.  Oh this story sounds so like we did the exact same thing when we went to Sturgis one year.

 Chuck finds his jacket he was wanting.  Its a Tour Master.  The vendors were the typical rally vendors.  We made our way though most of them and decided we had seen enough.  Chris & Diana do the exchange on their trailer, and we find a nice shady spot for Chris to wire the trailer up.  The shade is much needed as it is a warm day in Daytona.

As Chris finishes up, Chuck takes out the inner-lining to his new jacket.  I am so glad he did, as he finds it is missing several of the snaps and bands that hold it secure.  We hop on the bike, and ride over to the vendor, and they exchange his liner with one that is complete and fits the jacket.  Sure am glad he checked that out before we left.  That would have not been a pretty sight!!!

We are on the bikes about 4 pm, and heading to the Orlando area for a room.  We find rooms in Kisssimmee, Florida.  You know it is Spring Break, and we are seeing a lot of travelers just like us.  Lots of bikes as well.  Accommodation's weren't the best that we have had, but they still weren't all that bad.  I do think it is time for this hotel to have a remodel, and new mattress.  Just my opinion!   Dinner at Red Lobster and then we hit the hay.  I know it sounds so redundant, but we are tired, and we still have a lot of riding to do.  So we must get our sleep.  :)