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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Florida or Bust (Day 9) Thursday March 14th

Today is Diana's sisters, Debi's birthday.  We are planning on meeting her in Jacksonville for lunch. 
We have just one detour along the way.  Remember the trailer we left at the Hannigan booth.  A guy has been in contact with Chris, and it looks like he want to meet Chris this morning and buy it.  Whoo-hooo....Love it when things come together. 

We get on the road about 8:30 and we are meeting the guy at 10:30.  We get to Daytona in time to cruise a few of the streets we missed the other day.  Much cooler today than yesterday, and not a lot going on as we do a quick tour of the area.

 Parking is easy today, and we get a front row spot.  The transfer of funds went well, and now Chris & Diana are back to one trailer.  The guy that bought it has a friend that lives in the area and is going to help him get it back to his home after he gets the bearing replaced. 

We get to the Jacksonville exit and looks like we are going to be right on time...but then....found out if you miss your u turn area, you have to travel a bit to go back to your original point.  Learning curve!!!  We make it there and Miss Debi is waiting on us.  We was adorned with her Albert Einstein shirt and button.  Seems she shares birthdays with him..  She said she left her tiara and wand at the office.  We had a good visit, and I am so glad we were able to meet up with her.  I only knew Debi from Facebook, so it was really nice to see her in person.  She is a very sweet and lovely person, just like her big sister Diana.  :)

Back on the road and heading to our destination tonight of Tifton Georgia.  The cold front is just a start of what we have to come.  The weather is beginning to act more like March.  :(
We make it to Tifton, and chose the motel that had an enclosed hot tub and pool.  There was a little Mexican food place just across the street so we walked over to get dinner.  The food was pretty tasty, and we enjoyed the time to warm up a bit.

Our rooms overlook a beautiful lake, with small fishing cabins littered around the banks.  It was really a beautiful picture.  The trees blocked the complete sunset, but it was really nice.

We hit the hot tub and meet a 84 yr. young lady with her grandson.  She was a sweetie, and we enjoyed talking to her.  She had just lost her husband, and they always came to Florida, so she enlisted her grandson to drive her this year.  She told us that she used to ride motorcycles as well.

I think we all needed the hot tub.  It was just nice to chill, or warm up, what ever the case may be.  Sure did make a brisk walk back to our room that is for sure.  It is quite a bit cooler than the past nights in Florida.