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Friday, May 24, 2013

Tex-New-Rado 5-24-13 Day 3

         We are on the bikes around 8am, and it is 53 degrees as we head out. 

Allen & Doreen 
Chris & Diana

We are riding to Salida, to check out the Fallen Bikers Memorial Rally.  We were here about 7 yrs ago. It was their first year they had it, and it was a really small rally.  Will be interesting to see if it has grown any.

We ride the most beautiful winding road into Salida.  The weather is really cooperating with us, and we pull over at a gas station and take off a few layers of jackets about 10:00am.

 As we ride into Salida, we make a pit stop at the McDonald's.  I have pulled up the address on my phone and using Google Maps I will attempt to direct Chuck to the Rally.  Well, that didn't go very well.  The directions I was giving him were right off my phone, and we weren't going anywhere very fast.  I about had to walk at this point in the ride as Chuck orders me off the bike as I wasn't giving him "good" directions.  :/    Come to find out, none of us and our GPS or phones could find the fairgrounds.  I had remembered it was outside of town, and Chuck finally gets back on the main road, and sure enough, we find it.  By this time I had found that the rally wasn't going to open until 2pm, so we had a few hours to kill.

We go back to the main part of town, and find a place to park the bikes.  We walk past several places, and Diana says she thought she saw something interesting on one of the streets.  We walked into the Laughing Ladies Restaurant.  They asked if we wanted to sit inside or out.  Of course we opted for outside.  Was a really neat little place.

Their walls had sculptures from a local artist that I was totally in love with.  It was just some old bed springs,and they had made all these black birds and they were sitting in the center of the bed springs.
They were pretty proud of them as well by the price they were marked, but I really did like them.

We ate our lunch, and it was really good.  Very fresh.  We got our bills, and the guys noticed there was an additional tax on them.  It was an "open air tax".....I guess in Colorado you pay extra to eat outside.  Who knew!!!

We are the first bikes there and we pay our $10 per bike to get into the rally.   Yep, we have about 5 bikes in the parking lot, and three of them are ours.  The vendors finally open and we walk in....OH MY GOSH....there was a total of 6 vendors in this building....I only thought it was small 7 yrs. ago.  This is terrible!!!  Overheard the guy at one of the booths say that they are trying to build it up again.  Makes me wonder if it has ever been very much. 

As we exit the building there are now about 6 or 7 bikes in the parking lot.  I guess you get the idea. 

We leave and head towards our destination of Montrose for evening.  We ride through Gunnison, and then we head over the Monarch Pass. 

My chauffeur :)  

Snow is still on some of the mountain, and it was really a pretty ride.  The temperature was quite cool up there. 

Chris & Diana 

Great place to take that perfect picture.  I wasn't able to find out the temperature as my app wouldn't work, but you get the idea.  There is still snow up there!!!

Allen & Doreen

The motel was easy to find.  We had stopped at the Honda store in Montrose for a pit stop, and find out the motel is only a half mile away.  The nicest guy at the desk took care of us.  He was a real delight to talk to.  It was one of those, no effort to check in moments.  Love when that happens. 
He suggest we eat at the Red the Red Barn it is!

 As we drive up, Chuck & I realize we have eaten here before.  The lady that waited on us was so nice.  We told her that the guy at the motel suggested we eat here.  She tells us that he had been a cook for them back a few years ago.  Guess that is why he knows how good their food is. 


Returning back to the motel, we just can't bring ourselves into going inside.  We make ourselves a little bar on the back of Chris's bike, and we have a cocktail or two.  It's Friday night in the big town of Montrose. 

As we are sitting talking, the man that owns the motel is out by his wooden building that he has on the back of the property.  He is sweeping the concrete, and then all of a sudden there are chickens everywhere.  He has a nice bunch of chickens.  He is feeding them.  Diana & I walk over and talk with him.  I had spotted this really cute white chicken, and he tells me in his broken English Czech dialect that it is a Chinese chicken.  Now hey, I know about Rhode Island Reds, and bantams, but never have I heard of a Chinese chicken.  He tells us that the meat is black....OK, I will just have to believe him, as I don't really want to know about this!!!  I am not one that would want to eat my chickens, just look at them and eat their eggs!!!   I enjoyed talking with him and hearing how he ended up in Montrose Colorado.  He said he had lived in Chicago before moving here. 

We sit and talk a bit more, and there is a Pizza store next to the motel, and I guess we must have been having too much fun, as one of the employees walks over.  Says he thought we had a small dog with us.  Nope, no dog...just some buttery nipples and margaritas and fireballs for this group.  I think he really was just being nosey...thought we might offer him a drink. 
As the sun starts setting the mosquitoes decide they want to come out and bother us, so we pack up our mini bar and head back to our rooms.  Goodnight world.