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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bikes Blues & BBQ 2013 (Thursday)

We are heading out around 2 today to attempt to beat the rain that is supposed to be coming.  We meet Diana & Chris at the usual spot, and head out to meet up with Doreen & Allen.  They are going to be at the gas station off I-35 and 122nd.

We get there earlier than planned, but Doreen & Allen were already there, so we headed out.   The ride was really going well, until we got close to the midway on the turnpike heading towards Tulsa.  The skies are really looking dark, so we stop on the side of the road and Doreen & Allen put their rain suit tops on.  I keep an eye on the weather with my IPhone, and as we get close to the midway, we decide to go ahead and pull over for a little while.  If we continue, we will run straight into the storm.

A guy walks by and ask what direction we are going.  We tell him east, and he says "Oh, it is really raining and cars are pulling off on the side of the highway".  With that being said, I think it was a very wise idea to sit this out for awhile.

The 30 minutes we waited helped the storm to move out.  The roads are still wet and there is a mist in the air, but we didn't get washed away.  As we get into Tulsa, the roads are dry, and the traffic was light.  Made our trip through town quite nice.  Our next stop is a gas stop.  As we fill our bikes, there are some other bikes that drive up and the one guy tells about the terrible rainstorm they got in.

We make it to our hotel around 5, and I contact Lynn & Keith.  They had driven down on Wednesday. We meet up with them and we find a place to meet up with them.  Amazing that it was the County Line Liquor Store..  :)  Like kids in a candy store....oh, yes we were...You see in Arkansas, there are still some dry counties, so you have to be prepared for this.  (wink wink)

On to food....I had seen a BBQ restaurant earlier, and it was fairly close and on our way back to the rooms.  It was a first for us.  Dickie's BBQ.  We were a bit unhappy because they were out of ribs....WHAT, no ribs!!!!  They note in their store, they may be out of some foods later in the day.  Well, I guess we are later!!!  Out of BBQ beans too, but they have jalapeno beans....They will do!

Can't say enough about the food.  It was really good.  We even got some ice cream after we ate.  I really would go back!  Seems they haven't made it to Oklahoma yet, but Chuck says they are all over Texas.  Their big yellow cups were too funny, and so were their napkins.

Time to head back to the hotel.  Lynn & Keith decide to come back to our hotel for a little while.  We are about 10 miles down the road from them.  Nice curvy two lane road for our way back to our "home".  We sit outside and have a few cocktails.  Lynn says she is seeing lightening out to the west of us.  They decide it would be best for them to go ahead and head back to their "home".

She text me that they made it to their room safely, and DRY!!!  Rain didn't hit for about another 30 minutes.

Time to get some shut eye, for tomorrow we Bikes, Blues & BBQ!!!