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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hot time in the kitchen with Jalapeño Jelly

Is it a right of passage to want to make jelly?  I ask you this because, my sweet husband informed me yesterday while I was cooking up my FIRST batch of jelly I had ever made, that it was something "old" people do.

Now if that doesn't get you riled up, maybe slicing some jalapenos would!!!   I told him that if we grow stuff, and we don't want it to go to waste, we need to can it.  Of course, like I said above, I have never canned anything!!!

As a child I remember all the green beans, beets, chow-chow and many other things that my grandmother would "put up" every year and put in the cellar to use throughout the year.  It was a big deal to go down in the cellar and get a few quarts out and take back to the kitchen for her to spice up and fix for our family get together.  Now, on the other hand, I never in my life remember my mother doing this.....nope, she never did!

I think with all the Pinterest and Facebook post, it just makes a person want to go out on a limb and try something they have never tried before.  I even made ice box pickles last year....yep, and then last year for Christmas gifts, I made Vanilla.    I know, you think I am probably a domestic goddess, but I am hear to tell you, this is about as far as it will go.

My friend Diana, had an abundance of tomatoes this year.  She blanched them, and then put into freezer bags and put them away

.  I am sure this winter when she goes to make stew or something like that, she will be so glad she did this.

Back to the jalapenos.  I found the process to be really easy.  It wasn't long and I had those little green guys in a bath of sugar and cider vinegar.  They cooked for 10 minutes, and then the magic pectin was put in.  I followed the instructions to a T.

I had bought these cute little 4oz. mason jars, and I poured the mixture into them.  Never doing this canning thing before, I got a large cooking pot out and put water in it and got it boiling.  I placed my little jars in this water and boiled them for 10 minutes.  I loved hearing the jars pop ever so quietly in the boiling water.  As I removed them from the water they continued to "pop".  Guess I was successful at sealing them  :)

The jars of jelly are now doing sitting.....waiting......turning into jelly, I guess.  I hope!!!  Diana and I were texting later and I was telling her about my canning experience.  She asked if I tasted the jelly.....TASTE!!!!!  Heck, I forgot to even taste my creation.  This could be the worst jelly in the world.  Oh my gosh, what was I thinking, or not thinking.  Every cook taste their creations, don't they....well, maybe not!

This girl sure didn't.  Dang, what is wrong with me.  :)  If all this domestic goddess thing works out, and the jelly is edible, I am planning on making some for Christmas gifts....can't you see it....Little red bows on the cute little mason jars... a block of creme cheese, and a cute little box of crackers.  Now I am thinking that will be a special little gift...don't you!!!