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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013

It's Christmas Eve, and time for us to fill the sleigh with presents, and head south to Norman, OK.  We will be meeting our kids and grandkids at Journey Church for Christmas Eve services.  We stop by and pick up my mom and step-dad to make the family complete.  We are a very small group, but we are family!!!!

We gather at the church with Heather's family, and worship our God!!!  You know he is the Reason For the Season.  The church was packed this evening.  The 4:00pm service was a very popular one this year.

Enjoyed watching Cash & Cooper during the service.  They are both growing so quickly.  Cooper is such a polite and sweet little girl.  She even got to hold a candle this evening during the candle ceremony.  Now Cash on the other hand, we didn't allow to hold one.  He did get to blow one out at the end.

On to our son's house to unload the sleigh, and have a little bit of dinner, before we open gifts.  The kids are really excited and of course as far as they were concerned we didn't even have to eat anything.  Let just open the presents!!!

It wasn't long before the wrapping paper was flying, and gifts were being torn into.  The kids are at such a cute age for this.  One thing we got both of them were luggage, as they are going to Disney World in February, and could use a new set.  Cash took all his loot, and packed it in his new Spider man Luggage, and rolled it to his room.  I really felt kinda bad getting them luggage, but they seemed to like it.  So all is well!

What a great time with our little family.  Very greatful for the wonderful health they all have.  Mother is finally walking better after her "hip" break.  Louie is still dealing with his eye issues, but all in all for their age, they are doing quite well.  I am very blessed beyond words to have this family.  Thank you God.  Merry Christmas to everyone, and hope you are spending time with your friends and family as well.

Great evening, and of couse we have to feed the reindeer.  The kids didn't miss a beat...put on their pj's, boots, coat, hat and gloves and they were out the door to spread the food.