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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother Nature has to be joking??!! It's April

Mother nature is still trying her best to mess with Spring in Oklahoma.  We have had some really nice the 80's, and way to warm for this early....and the wind....oh my, it has been terrible.  Gust to 40-50 miles per hour.  Then we have the freeze warning.  We actually hit a record of 27.  At least the frost stayed away, so all the blooming fruit trees, and redbud trees have been spared.  We actually had snow on Monday...yes, we did!!!  Didn't stick, but it snowed!!!  

We have been able to ride to a FNDR and I have to say it was wonderful.  We ended up riding to drink Margaritas and watch the Street Rod Nationals parade down the street.  We were a mile off the chosen route, but there were a few that drove by.  I don't think anyone even noticed if any cars actually drove by or not.

As we sat and discussed the world, Keith, Lynn, Carla and Larry our friends from Duncan pulled up and joined us.  They had come down and was a mile over from us, and had a feeling we would be at our usually place. predictable!!!

The temperature was great for riding.  Too bad we are only going to have one more day before Mother Nature is very cruel to us again.

Our granddaughter is playing soccer Saturday, and even though we have high winds, it is going to be nice and warm so we ride the Goldwing to the game.  They weren't kidding about the wind gust...It was terrible.  Thank goodness we got a little reprieve when we rode North and South.

We went to our kids house, and Cash our grandson was insistent on getting on "Pop's" bike.  He loved it.  Got to turn it on and even honk the horn.

Wonderful day to spend with our family, and we even got to ride a little bit.  Time to put Snow the Goldwing back in the shop and I just know very soon we will have her out again and riding to who knows where...but riding we will do!!!