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Saturday, May 24, 2014

This Wasn't No "Stay-cation" Vacation (Day 3)

Day 3

Amazing how a good nights sleep can make a person feel revived!  
The annual Memorial Bike race was beginning as we packed up to leave.  
This is the same bike race that closed the Million Dollar Highway last year as we made our way from Colorado and we had to take the long way around to get to Durango.

Our ride today is into Colorado and on to Utah.  
We are going to Mancos CO.
From there we travel to catch the Charles Hall Ferry...or so we thought.
As we turn down the road to go towards the ferry, there is a very large sign saying the ferry isn't running.
What!!!  We have traveled all this way, and no ferry.

Captain oh Captain where do we go!

Today's U-turn is brought to you by that sign.
We pull into a little gas station and Chuck plots our new direction of travel.

Doreen takes this opportunity to take a potty break.
She says the lady told her the reason the ferry isn't running is due to the water level in the river being to low.  

Our new direction is quite a bit longer as we go towards Hanksville Utah. 
What a beautiful canyon we got to ride through.  
The weather was warm in areas, and then you would hit a cool area.
The one thing I knew for sure was that we dodged the rains today! 
Got to Capitol Reef Canyon, and started looking for rooms.  
No vacancies.


As we continue through the next little town of Torrey we pulled into the Boulder View Inn.  
Luck is on our side. 

The lady had two rooms available as a couple of bikers had cancelled due to the rain they had gotten into in Salt Lake. 

Bad for them but oh so good for us. 
Luck is also on our side as we have a restaurant right across the road...dinner is close by!  
Brandon stayed in his room playing his games, and we adults walked across the street for some adult beverages.
A very pretty area to ride in.  
Utah is just beautiful.