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Friday, July 11, 2014

FNDR 7-11-14 and Ginger's 911 Call to the Dealership

Going to be a hot time in Oklahoma City, and what better way to enjoy it.
Burgers and motorcycles go together, right!
My honey and I took a spin on the Harley, to the tune of about 20 miles, before something happened.
Yep, Miss Ginger decides to have an issue, and not just a little issue, but a pretty important issue.
Our shifter shaft on our beloved 2011 Ultra Classic aka Miss Ginger BROKE!
Lucky for us that we were about 3 miles from our dinner ride, and was able to get off the highway, and make our way through traffic to a resting spot.

Upon inspection, Chuck tells me that zip ties or duct tape wasn't going to fix this little break!!!
Thank goodness Jeremiah
was at Fort Thunder and was able to get someone to come and pick Ginger up.

She is officially at the dealership waiting to be fixed.
Poor Ginger....we can't even drive her 20 miles without something happening to her.

As we talked to our friends over dinner about all the issues this poor bike has had, the word "Lemon" kept coming up in the conversation.
Not sure how long a person has to deal with a true Lemon, but I think this one is getting pretty rank at this point!
Thanks to Tom and Seda for driving us home in their vehicle.
It really was a beautiful evening, and the "Super" Full Moon would have really been nice to see on the bike, but will just have to wait until the next one!
A lot of laughter was shared over dinner as usual!  
Enjoyed the group from Duncan showing up.
I think this is going to be a really fun trip to Sturgis this year.

Won't be long now.
And NO, we will not be riding Ginger to Sturgis.....want to make it there!
(sure hope I didn't jinks our trip by saying that)  LOL