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Friday, September 26, 2014

Bike Blues & BBQ 2014 (Day 2)

Our plans today are to ride the area.
We meet everyone that is at the hotel at 9am to get this day going.
A few other people were out at their bikes, and one guy comes over and ask Chuck if he knows how to turn that "limp" mode on his bike. (parade mode or whatever else you call it)
Chuck being the good guy he is, went over and showed him how to do it.
As he gets back to our bike and gets ready to start her, the alarm keeps going off.
Before you know it the seat is off, and Chuck is trying to figure out what is going on.
His thoughts go the the gizmo that he had installed yesterday.
After checking fuses and tracking down wires, he goes to his new gizmo.
He had attached the "charging cable" on it, but didn't plug in his phone.
After he pulls out the charging cable, the bike will start....hmmmm, interesting!
Guess you have to have the phone plugged in for the bike to run....might be a good kill switch for the bike...who needs a security system....LOL.

This is Carla & Larry....waiting patiently for Chuck to get Ginger running.

This is Lynn & Keith....they are also waiting!

This is Doreen & Allen....see how happy they are to be waiting for us to get Ginger going  :)

And last but not least...Diana & Chris...
waiting...waiting...waiting.  :)

Our plans are to make our way to the Harley shop and check out the vendors that are there.

There are quite a few vendors set up, and we make our way through, and make a few purchases along the way.
Lunch has been decided and we are riding to Eureka Springs to eat at Grandma's Beans & Cornbread...Yum!!!!
As we make our way through the beautiful winding roads, we notice that the bikes coming towards us are telling us to slow down....way down.
We come around a curve to see several bikes off the road.
I never saw the bike that had gone off the mountain, but some of the group said they saw one and maybe even two bikes down.  Hope everyone is ok...sure hate to see this happen.

Lunch was as good as it ever is.
The dessert was even better!!!
The little leather shop next door was visited by us as well.

Seems Larry found him a new USA Jacket....he had been wanting one for years.
It is just a little bit too warm to be sporting it today, so he packs it away on his bike.

Time to head back towards Dickson Street.
We plan on riding the train back down to Braun Stadium, and get our Harley pins at the Harley pin stop.
The train ride is very short, but it is always fun.
We had a very chatty conductor so we enjoyed listening to him tell us about the area.

Chuck stops at the booth he bought his gizmo at and ask them about his issue.
They had never heard of any bike acting like that....well, ours does!
They offered for him to bring the bike back for them to look at, but who wants to fight the traffic to get back down here.
We get our Harley pins and decide it is time to ride the train back to Dickson Street.

We would like to be back closer to the hotel before it gets too late this evening.
We got to see God's handiwork this evening as we had a beautiful sunset.

Lynn is in contact with Bonnie and Curtis, and we plan on meeting them at the Las Fajitas Restaurant
that is fairly close to the hotel.

When we get back to the hotel, we all meet back downstairs for a bit...but it is time to hit the hay...this girl is tired!
Goodnight everyone  :)