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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Colorado Rocky Mountain Road Trip (6-21-15)

June 21st -
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers out there.
We met in the little room this morning for the daily devotion and prayer.
Today's word was "fathers"...for Fathers Day!

Our group got up and went back to the Firehouse Grill as they were having a "first" for them.
They were having brunch!
Good food, and plenty of breads is all I can say!!!
Back at the rooms and packed up and ready to get on the road, I ask if we can get a group picture at the tee pee.
I attempted to use the selfie stick, but I think I need to master it a little better.
Chuck ended up taking the group pic...sorry he wasn't in it!

On the road and riding some very nice curvy roads.
Altitude is changing as well...we are going up!
Next stop is the small town of Lake City.
As you can see there is a line for the "one hole" bathroom....LOL

We make our way to Monarch Pass. 
There was a nice biker dude that offered to take a group picture for us.
Next stop is the gift shop and potty, and I see this cutest little pot.
It says "A Little Pot from Colorado".
I just loved it, but since we are so early in the trip, I figure I will find them elsewhere...
Well, little did I know, I should have probably purchased my "pot" from there....
But isn't that how "quest" begin...well, they do for let it begin!

Our late lunch today is in the town of Buena Vista, Colorado.
We found another Mexican place to eat, so we head there.
What an interesting little place this was.
Casa Del Sol is the name of this place.
The young guy that bused the tables was so cute and funny.
He catered to all our needs.
Since we are a group of 10, they stuck us in this "room"....I say that loosely, as it was its own free standing building I think.
Very different, but part of the adventure!!!!

Our tummies are full, and we have some miles to make.
The mountains were wonderful, and we enjoyed every curve they offered.

Somewhere outside of Leadville, we make our first U-Turn of the trip....
You know a ride isn't a ride unless you make at least one u-turn a day!

Our travels takes us through the Johnson Tunnel which was nice, but when we came out the other side about 5 miles down the road the traffic came to an abrupt stop!
This made for a quite a bit of a delay on our travels.
The next 12 miles or so took us about  2 hours.... was slow for sure!

The traffic finally opened up a bit, and there was a truck hauling a truck backwards, and Chuck comments to me, "now that's a strange feeling," and I look to the front of the bike, and see what he is talking about.....LOL

We made it to Idaho Springs, where we took our turn off the packed interstate. 
Black Hawk, Colorado is where we have reservations tonight.
We wind around the mountain and drop into this valley area, and there is a little township in the valley.
Beautiful area, and casinos are every where.
We are staying at The Lodge Casino in Black Hawk for the next two nights.

As we make our way into the parking garage, they are pretty busy with cars, but when they see the bikes, a guy comes running up to us, and asked if we have reservations.....
Why yes we do!
He motions for another guy, and the arms of the gates open, and they direct us to up close and personal motorcycle parking.
Wow, that's the way we roll!!!

Checking in was a breeze, and we unpack the bikes and get settled in for our stay.
It is a group decision that we eat at the buffet the hotel has.
Great idea!!!!!
After we eat, we go and get signed up for playing cards.
Given instructions on how to earn points, Diana & I set out to do just that.
I found this machine I named "Pinky" and sweet Pinky was being very good to me.
I was up like $170 at one time, and decided to cash out at at $149.97.
I had spent about $40 earlier, but I felt good about my earnings....this from the girl that usually loses everything!
Diana's machine wasn't being good to her so I told her to hop on "Pinky".
True to form Pinky awarded her with some earnings as well.  $68.89 to be exact!
We both got 50 points for playing so we will get a voucher to eat free at the buffet tomorrow, that is if we eat there tomorrow. 
Not bad!
Its getting late and it is time to go to bed.....time to rest...
Goodnight world!