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Friday, May 25, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally 2012 Day 2

We are up and ready to eat some breakfast, and we noticed last night as we came in, the little restaurant that was across the street is no more.  It is closed...this is the same place that we noticed only had 5 paper menus last year when we were there.  LOL  Some of us went to Whataburger to get a quick breakfast and some went to the local IHOP.  Seems the IHOP group got a big kick out of us going to Whataburger.  Guess we were the "inside joke".  Oh well.... We had planned on leaving around 8:30, but Allen was still having bike issues, and he needed to go back to Tripp's.  Stan had an issue with his bike too this morning, as he couldn't get the ignition to turn on.  So looks like we will have two bikes at the dealership when they open.
We get to the dealership and Allen & Doreen had already gotten there and were patiently  waiting for the service dept. to open.  They wanted to be one of the first to get in.  Service was very nice to them, and said they would go ahead and change out the clutch cable for him.  Stan was also taken care of, and was an easy fix for his bike.

 We get on the road around 10am I think, and have to say the weather is just about perfect.  Our plans are to stop in Tucumcari for gas.  As you all know, plans can change....and they did. As we hit the New Mexico border Stan's bike starts acting up, and we pull over and he says he thinks he got some bad gas, and puts some octane boost in his gas tank.  Wish that would have done the trick, but it didn't.  His bike is really struggling to pull the hills.  Randy pulls up to us and says we need to find a place to pull off cause it doesn't look very good.  There is a weigh station just up the road, and we make our way to their parking lot.  As we got off the bikes and go check on Stan's bike issues, Patty gets off, and her leg and boots are covered with oil.  Oh no...there is oil pouring out of the breather on the bike.  Patty said she heard a loud boom, and then they lost power.

 Doesn't look good.  Stan puts a call into Tripp's HD and they are sending a tow truck.  We are about 90 miles from them right now.  Randy & Toni, Brent & Shari, Roger & Kristi stay with Patty & Stan to wait on the truck.  They said it would take the guy about an hour or so to get there.  We take the rest of the group and head on down the road.  Hated to leave them, but looks like they have some great company to wait it out with.

We make our usual gas stop in Tucumcari, and get back on the road.  As we get to Clines Corner, the wind comes up like crazy.  It is a very stiff wind and we deal with it the rest of the ride.  We will ride the Turquoise Trail into Madrid, and make a photo stop there.  It has warmed up quite a bit, and not a lot of wind coming down into Madrid.

We check out a couple of shops, and head on to Santa Fe  to stop at the HD dealership.  We no more get there  and get a message from Patty and Stan that the bike didn't weather well, not at all.  Blown motor...looks like someone is either going to have to buy a new bike, or rent a which will it be???  Stan had been eyeing a new one on the floor at Tripp's this morning.  Tequila Sunrise color.  Really pretty bike.  Next message is that he is "test driving" it.  Ohhhh, we know what that means.  Looks like someone is going to be getting a new ride.  By the time we get to our motel we are getting pictures of Stan & Patty on the new bike.  They have decided to stay in Amarillo tonight, and catch up with us tomorrow.  Think that sounds like a really good idea.
We get unpacked, and play some musical rooms, as Chuck and I's room (number 8) the air conditioner isn't we move across the street to another room.  Diana & Chris are in 4 I think, and the garage isn't long enough for Spydi and trailer, so they move to room 2....Jennifer and Steve don't have a garage, and they move to the #4 that Diana & Chris vacated.  You can see we were really doing some key changing.  Have to say the people that own the motel were very accommodating to us.  OK, think we have everyone situated, so we get on the bikes and head downtown.

Tom has Norma on the back of the bike this evening, and he knows the best place to park, so he leads us there.  We head toward the Blue Corn for dinner.  Food was good as it usually is and the margaritas were quite tasty too.  After we finish eating we walk around the square a little, and do some window shopping.  Back on the bikes we make a gas stop and pick up some ice.  Now I have to tell you that is a bag of ice.  Never seen one that big back home.  LOL

Back at the rooms we sit and chill and call it a day.  Been a very interesting day to say the least. The moon is really a different color tonight as there are fires in New Mexico and smoke is in the atmosphere.   Got to get some sleep for tomorrow is going to be a long fun filled day.