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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 3 2012

Going to be a fun filled day.  We have quite a few miles to travel so we are up and ready to go by 6:30 am New Mexico time.  We are riding to Cimarron New Mexico and having breakfast at the St. James Hotel.
Our resident tour director (Chuck) thought it would be a fun ride as it takes in part of the Enchanted Circle, and we get to eat some really good food while we are at it.  The hotel is supposed to be haunted, and has had quite a few very interesting guest that have stayed there.  Jesse James is one of them.  There are bullet holes in the ceiling from some of the former patrons that got a little rowdy.  We finish our tour of the hotel and have our bellies full, so it is time to get back to Eagles Nest so we can head on to Red River.  Norma has been following us in her car, and at Eagle Nest she gets on the back of Tom's bike (Bob) and rides to Red River.  We get a perfect photo op from the Red River people and looks like we are all going to have a really nice picture to pick up a little later.  Chuck & I have quite a few of these pictures and they are fun to look back on.  By the time we get to Red River, there are bikes everywhere due to the rally.  We end up parking at the east end of town, which will make for an easy out when we get ready to leave.  We did all the usual rally stuff, and walked through endless t-shirt vendors, and everyone got all they needed.  There has been a wind warning for the area today, and they aren't kidding.  Supposed to be in excess of 60mph, and I think they have hit it on the head.  We ride back to Eagles Nest and get Norma's car, and then we take a short ride to the Vietnam Memorial at Angel Fire.  Remember that wind I was talking about....well, it is really bad in the open areas.  It was nearly impossible to walk to the Memorial.  I ask Chuck if the bikes were OK, cause Ginger was trying to move around a bit.  He ended up putting her at a little more angle to help her stay still.  From there we ride the Enchanted Circle back to Taos.  Although we had been on the same road earlier this morning, it is fun to rewind.  Seems like you see so many other thing you missed going to other direction.  The wind was kind to us as we made our way around the mountain.  What a wonderful twisty ride.  We make a stop at Taos and regroup.  Now the fun begins, as we have that wonderful wind messing with  us all the way back to Santa Fe.  Riding the river road back to Santa Fe, I took a picture of the sky because the wind has really whipped smoke into the jet stream.  They are fighting one very large wildfire out west.
We had plans to go to the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge today, but we will do that tomorrow.  Maybe the wind will be a bit more cooperative.
Looks like Stan and his group has made it to Santa Fe.  They took the tour thru Madrid, and are exploring the Santa Fe area.  As we get into Santa Fe, we turn on Cerrillos Rd. and see Stan and his group in the turn lane.  We catch up with them later in the evening at The Shed.  Tom & Norma are in this area quite a bit, and Tom suggested we eat there.  Sound like a good place, so we will try it. Meeting the other group there around 7:45, we are able to park in the same parking lot we used last night. Stan and his group pull in right after us, so we double up and park.   The attendant guy tells us we can pay for every other bike.  Worked out well for us, and we know the bikes are safe there.

 Tom had let Norma off at the corner before the parking area, and she has already got our name on the waiting list.  We end up having to split our group up into two groups.  Dinner was really good, and would be a place I would come back to.  There are just so many places to eat in Santa Fe, I really don't know how you even start to pick a place.  After dinner some of us walk to get ice cream.  The square is very quiet, but the ice cream store was crawling with people.  Back on the bikes, and back to the motel we go.  We sit outside for a while and talk.  Stan & his group are going to hit Red River and start towards home tomorrow.  We on the other hand are going to do some more exploring of the area.  Wish I had a month to mess around this area.  Time for bed.  Goodnight world.  :)