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Monday, May 28, 2012

Red River Memorial Rally Day 5 2012

We are up and heading back towards Oklahoma at 7am.  It is pretty cool this morning and all the leather feels pretty good.  The ride home is always interesting because you can't put on enough clothes when you leave in the morning, and before you know it, you are wanting to shed it all.  Our first stop is Cline Corner for gas, and breakfast.  They actually have a pretty darn good breakfast there, and Allen has to try one of their burritos.  I didn't stay around to see if he was able to eat the whole thing.

  You won't believe what Diana & I found there.  Saguaro Cactus.  And guess who has a trailer to bring them back with us.  Chris is the lucky guy that gets to transport our much anticipated cactus back to Oklahoma.  :)  The lady was so kind to put them in boxes with tissue wrapped around them for a safe journey home.
Diana & I both know that we will probably not live long enough to see these little guys even grown 6" more less an arm....Oh well, we have them in our possession now.  We are happy campers.  Just another "factoid" as it takes the cactus 80 yrs. to grow arms...that is why I say that Diana & I will never see this occur.  LOL  
As predicted, the weather starts to warm up, and we shed layers of clothing at our stop at Tucumcari.  By the time we make it to Amarillo we are all needing water.  It has warmed up quite nicely.  I snapped this pic when we stopped to eat at Rudy's in Amarillo.  The ride home was pretty uneventful.  The combines were cutting wheat and the wind was blowing..It felt like we had a headwind all the way back home.  
We stopped at Hinton, got gas, got some ice cream, and told Doreen and Allen goodbye.  They were cutting across the back roads.  It was 93 degrees in Hinton.  The clouds have started to build as there is supposed to be storms moving in this evening.  Think we are getting home at a good time.  Chris & Diana follow us home so I can get my cactus out of their trailer.  Pretty excited about that darn cactus!!!  Everyone starts texting that they made it home safely.  Love to get those type of text.  Great ride guys.  Mileage1629....

I guess we use the rally for an excuse to go to New Mexico, but it is far from the reason that we go.  There is so much history and great riding to do in that state, and especially around the Santa Fe area.  Yes the rally is "just another rally", with the same ole t-shirts & leather vendors, but just take a look around you.  Mountains are everywhere.  The ride to Santa Fe is an easy ride, boring but easy to get there.  The motels that we stay in are modest, but how much time do you actually stay in the room anyway?  As long as they are clean and have pretty good beds, we are good to go.  I know this is just my opinion, but you know, this is my blog.  The King's Rest was quite accommodating and I really love that we have covered parking and we can drive right up to our door.  Great trip and great memories were made.  I have never written about losing a bike completely from bike troubles that couldn't be fixed.  Congrats to Patty & Stan for their new bike.  I know they are happy with their purchase.  :)  
The final pic of this ride is the one that they take as we go into Red River.  Would love  to have everyone post their pic like this on the blog.  Hope I have some takers.  :)