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Saturday, June 2, 2012

6-2-12 S&B Burger Joint

Lynn text us last night and said they were going to eat in Oklahoma City on Saturday and wanted to know if we wanted to join them.  Weather is just about perfect this morning and we are ready to try out this burger place Lynn was talking about.  We meet them at around 11:45 at the S&B Burger Joint.  It is over around 59th and N. May.  Chuck and I make our way into the restaurant, and we see Lynn & Keith along with a few other people at a table and there are 2 more seats waiting for us.

 We meet Lynn's mother and dad, and their friends Carla & Larry.  The waitress is really on the ball, and Chuck is making no headway with her.  She explains that we can get the burgers as a large burger or get sliders.  I think we all picked sliders, as there were so many different types to try, it would be only fair.  :) They have an Elvis burger that has peanut butter and bacon on it.

Lynn got one of those along with the el Mexicano...I too tried the el Mexicano, and Chuck got the chicken philly.  We tried the el Mexicano Fries also.  Carla got the Thunder Burger I think.  We all chowed down on our special burgers, and had some good times talking.  They were told the desserts are good too, so that is one reason I went for the  slider.  We got  Key Lime pie.  It was good....didn't hear anyone say anything bad about anything they ate.
Larry is the guy that has the small air gauge like the one Keith has on his bike, so I am thinking Chuck will be out tinkering on the bike pretty soon.  Very nice people, and they are all Duncanites.

 After lunch we ride to Pops in Arcadia.

Of course we have to have some pop.  I got a cream was really good.  Chuck had noticed that Larry's brake lights weren't working, so Larry said he would go back to Fort Blunder later in the day.  
Since we were in Arcadia, we might as well stroll over to the Round Barn.  Funny thing is, Chuck or I have never been in the barn.  It really is a nice barn, and they have done a lot of work on it to keep it a tourist attraction on Rt. 66.

We go ahead and ride with them to the Fort.  We made our way through the afternoon traffic on the highway without incident.  Back at the Fort we girls have to do a little "retail therapy" and actually find something to purchase.  Can you believe that.  Lynn's parents are in a car and they say their goodbyes and are going to head back to Duncan, and it looks like Carla is going to join them as it doesn't look like Larry's bike is going to get out of here anytime soon.  

Really enjoyed the day with some very nice people.  Will have to do this again sometime, soon!!!  Great day  :)