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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Pops, Cash & Miss Cooper 
Today we celebrate Fathers Day....what is on the plate for today.  Well, I will cook some burgers, hotlinks, and hot dogs.  Louie, Mother, and "the kids" will come over and we will chow down for lunch.  "The kids" are Anthony, Heather , Cooper and Cash. 
I have fixed pasta salad, tabouli, store bought potato salad, and some fruit to snack on.  Turkey burgers for Chuck, and of course we all had to had a hotlink.  Chuck had gone to Roger's Meat Market this week, and picked up our favorites.  They were great as usual.  We had brownie bites and Red Velvet Ice Cream for dessert.  Full, I think so!!! 

The babies wanted to play outside, so we spent a lot of the afternoon under the trees staying cool.  They had a good time, and before you know it, Cash was needing a nap, and Anthony & Heather were packing up to head home.  They left Cooper behind.  She was going to spend the night with us. 

After Anthony, Heather and Cash left, we had to go back outside to play.  The princess wanted to play, so that is what we do.  She decided we needed to cut some flowers, so of course that is what we did.  As you can see, all us girls got one. 
It was a nice day with our little family, and of course, we had plenty to eat.  Happy Father's Day, Louie, Chuck and Anthony.  You are very loved by all of us.