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Friday, June 15, 2012

Mimosa's & FNDR 6-15-12

Now that I have your attention with the Mimosa's.....if you know me, even a little bit, you know if I am going to have something to drink it is going to be a Margarita....not a I must be talking about the tree!!!  Yes the tree!!!  Now that we have that established, let get on with this blog.  We rode to Tuttle American to eat at Grady's again.  This time we did it with all the FNDR group.  Chuck & I took the non traffic route.  It was really nice.  We rode to El Reno, and went through Union City, and Minco.  As we are driving through Minco, I noticed all the Mimosa trees that were blooming.  Really brings back memories of my childhood.  We always had a mimosa tree.  There was something very symbolic about the trees when they would bloom.  It was Summer!!!!  No doubt about it, if the trees are blooming, it is summer.  I would love to have one again, but have to admit as I have gotten older and wiser I know that they are a very messy tree.  But I have to say, I think about any tree is messy some time in its growing season.  We have our share of trees on our acre, and oh my, they are constantly needing to be trimmed, or something.  I do love our trees though, as it sure helps keep the house a lot cooler.  Back to the ride to Tuttle.  It was non eventful.  We pull up and Allen & Doreen were already there.  We walked in to see Brandon there.  Was so nice to see him again.  Doreen's nephew was there the boys sat at the table and played their video games.  We had 4 tables, and I told Allen that I thought we would need another one, cause we were going to have 14 here tonight.  He says the girls informed him that we couldn't have another table.  They had a group of 50 from a school reunion coming in, and that was going to take a lot of their room up.  I had called, and they wouldn't take reservations.  This might be interesting.

Troy & his wife Janie came in.....They are the friends of Jennifer's.  He works with her.  So glad they were able to make it.  Everyone else started coming in, and I informed our waitress we needed another table.  She said there was none.  Funny thing was there was a couple of tables right by us, and I pointed to it and ask her about it.  She reluctantly pulled the table over.  Diana & Chris got there and by that time we had gotten our food, as was almost finished.  The 3 groups that were a little later waited very patiently for their food, but it wasn't going to happen in any timely manner.   I think the lady that owns it, came by and said something to Jennifer, and she told her they hadn't gotten their food, and then went to Diana and then on to Lynn.  Really think they lost their orders, cause it wasn't much later and the food showed up.

The sound level was really annoying at the time we were ready to leave.  All the reunion people had shown up, and they were standing around talking, and then of course you have to add our group.  Was really nice to get outside and get some fresh air.  We stood around and talked for quite a while.  Doreen, Allen and the boys got on the bikes, and headed out.  Tom & Seda pulled out, and Diana & Chris followed. Jennifer & Steve weren't up for going with us either.   We on the other hand went to Mole Nation...(Taco Cabana) and Troy, Janie, Keith & Lynn followed us there.  Was a really nice time and got to talk quite a bit more with Troy & Janie.  Enjoyed meeting them, and hope they felt the same.  We always like more people in our little goofy group for the dinner rides.  Great night to ride, and enjoyed the company.  I hope we didn't scare them to badly...LOL...until next time....Goodnight.