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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 1) Wednesday

Meet Diana & Chris at 6:30am at the 3-4 junction. Nice morning, but it is probably good we headed out early, cause it is going to be a hot one today.  Get to Tulsa and we get gas and drive over to the McDonald's that is close by. Figure this will be quick and painless.  Little did I know....Chris comment that it must not have been the "a"  team working. Took forever to get our food, no napkins or paper towels to be found. Finally at 8:40 we are back on road. Already 86 degrees. We take a bit of a scenic tour, and make our way thru Kansas, OK.  Amazing some of the names of the towns.  Always fun to see what the population of the town is also.  Surprised as we get into Arkansas at how dry and burned out all the grass is. Looks like Oklahoma last year. Even the kudzu was struggling to survive. If you don't know what kudzu is, it is a vine that is very invasive, and even more difficult to kill. It is said that it can grow up to 7 feet per week.

We roll into Eureka Springs and make our way to the motel.  Our rooms are ready, so we go ahead and get rid of the trailers, and unload and get comfortable.  Chuck is in contact with Troy & Janie, and they are on their way back to the room, and we will go find some food.

 We ate at the Rockin Pig.  Chris ordered his usual pulled pork sandwich and Troy got it too.   Think Troy ordered cause he just likes to say it :) We finished a great lunch and walked over to the Harley store. On to planet leather and sad to say the little girl is no longer making the pet rocks :(. She is doing friendship bracelets now. I was wanting to show her Lizzy, cause she went on this trip with us.

Chris saw that Grandmas Beans & Cornbread that is next door had cobbler. Well we can't pass that up. So each of us share cobbler a la mode with our significant other.

Decide we will go to the hoedown tonight and we run over there to get tickets. Troy is the man of the hour cause he got our tickets for $12.50 each. We will be going to see P-nut at the 7:30 show.  Should be a fun filled evening.  Hot as heck here, and all the fireworks have been cancelled. So might as well sit in air conditioning and enjoy the show.  Got up to 100 I think.  We just chilled at the motel the rest of the afternoon and will leave here around 7 to got to the hoedown. I think everyone enjoyed the Ozark Mountain Hoe-Dow.  We all got to laugh a lot.  As we walk to the bikes, of course Chris had to talk to a couple of guys about the Spyder.  Duane from the show comes out, and we stand and talk to him for quite a while.  Nice evening, and finally a little cooler so made for a good evening.  The motel is just around a couple of corners, and we make it back to the room and just sit and chill for a while longer.  Time to get some rest, for tomorrow we play some more.  :)