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Friday, July 6, 2012

Eureka Springs July 4th Weekend (Day 3) Friday

We meet up with everyone and walk across the road to get tickets for the trolley and on to eat breakfast.  Good idea but the trolley place doesn't open until 9:30. So on to the breakfast buffet at Pancakes.  We finish and walk across the street to a motorcycle shop that troy had spotted.  After we finish there we head back to get the tickets.  Troy and Janie are going to head back towards Oklahoma so we say our goodbyes and go sit and wait for the trolley to come by.  We ride the yellow route first.  It takes us downtown and we get off and walk the main area of the shopping district.  It is going to be another really hot day here, and it's going to be nice to ride around the area in air conditioned bus.  We walk around and check out the stores.  I find me some new fit flops in a store called The Wild Blue Yonder.  I wore them out of the store.  Very comfortable.  We make our way back down the hill and I had to take a moment to get a pic of Diana with Humpty Dumpty.  I just love that little guy on the hill.  As we make it back down to the trolley stop, we make a few more stops in shops.  The depot was nice and cool, and have to say, it felt good to sit for awhile.  We take the blue trolley next.  We did a bit of backtracking because they changed out drivers, and the driver that was being relieved had no idea where he had been, so the new driver drove back to the trolley stop in downtown.  Strange, but heck we were sitting and it was cooler in the bus than outside.  This time we go down by the train, and make a turn and head back downtown, and then out to the Thornhill Chapel.  By the time we reach the chapel, Chuck says he is feeling a bit queasy.  Think all the swaying and curves has got him down.  We don't get off the bus and check out the chapel, cause the poor people that had been waiting for the trolley, had been waiting for over an hour.  Didn't want to get stuck out here, so we just kept riding.  We get back to the trolley stop, and decide to go ahead and get off this roller coaster and get back on the yellow trolley and go back to the motel.  We have to wait about 30 minutes, but we were under trees and it wasn't that bad.  The yellow route takes us by Christ of the Ozarks, and makes a loop back to our first stop.  We get off, and by this time, I am feeling the woozy feeling myself.  We decide to go back to Grandma's Beans & Cornbread and actually have some of those wonderful beans.  They were delicious.  We walk back to our rooms and chill for awhile.  It is really HOT....did I already say that....LOL....

Diana has talked about wanting her ears pierced a second time, so she calls the place that did mine, and they are not going to be open, in fact they were closing as she was talking to them.  She was concerned about wearing her helmet home with newly pierced ears anyway, so I guess things work out for the best sometimes...Have to include this picture that Chuck took, cause Diana was checking to see if her helmet would bother her if the piercing would have actually happened.  And you wonder what we do with all our down time.  :)

Spyder invades Eureka Springs
We chill for awhile and the skies are clouding up a little, so we decide to ride out to Holiday Island and see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We make the loop around Holiday Island and enjoy the much cooler and cloud cover.  Actually looks like it could rain.  Man that would be nice.

Holiday Island Golden Gate Bridge

Spyder crossing Golden Gate Bridge

Around 7 we decide it is time to eat again, and P-nut had suggested to everyone to try The Chicken Coop, and you know us, we will have to try it.  We ride the bikes around a couple of curves, and get to the Chicken Coop.  We walk in and this man is playing a guitar and he and his wife are singing. we order...what else, chicken....fried chicken to be exact.  I know, Chuck isn't supposed to eat this thing called fried, but there was nothing else on the menu that he could eat.  While we were eating, it happened...the man that was playing the guitar and singing....well, his wife ask if there was a song we would like to hear.  Oh well, yes, there you know El Paso City...she told him, and he started singing a song....not the one we asked for, but it did mention El Paso....Out in a West Texas town of El know the one.  LOL.....Not sure about you, but we all decided we didn't like to be serenaded  while you are trying to eat...actually anytime, but really not while we are eating...too much eye contact.....but we were very gracious and listened to the man sing.  Even left him a tip....we are sooooo nice.  As we are leaving, he tells us to come back tomorrow night as he will have his mike and acoustics going....well, thanks, but I think we will have plans made for that evening already. :)  Chris is captured by some bikers that pull up and are asking him about the spyder.  Imagine that!!!  I had seen this sign right by the motel and it said scenic lookout, so we take the detour and check it out.  Was nice to check out how the locals live.  Waved at a little lady sitting on her porch, both coming and going.  :)

We get to the lookout, and it is beautiful.  You can see the Crescent Hotel from it.  We are going to try to get over there tomorrow as we have to show Diana & Chris what it is all about.  The road goes on down into the middle of town, and we ride it down, and do a u-turn and go right back up.   What a great little street.
Time to get in the pool and chill, and Diana and I do just that, along with about 8 kids....hmmm, well, we will just stay down on the deep end and try to stay out of their way.  Time to get out of the pool and go back to our rooms, and enjoy chilling and listening to the frogs.