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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Saturday Retail Theropy :) 8-4

The temperature has been so high that we haven't even wanted to get out and ride, but we did get out and run all over town on Saturday in the car.  Saw a very interesting  and funny sign along our route.  Had to stop and take a pic and share.

We went to Bed Bath & Beyond, and I was specifically there to get a cup like Lynn had gotten the night before.  Actually found one.  I am hoping this will help me drink more water.  I love that you can put fruit or whatever you want in the little basket in the middle and it will infuse your water with the taste.

They had their Dyson fans on sale.  A pretty darn good sale I must say.  30% off.  So after checking them out, we opted for the 10" one.  Now I will have to see if it is "all that".  I really do love my vacuum that we got a few months ago.  When you have 3 dogs that tend to shed quite a bit, the Animal Dyson Vacuum is wonderful.

As we checked out, there was this towel hanging off the register, and I ask the girl what it was.  She told me they were cool towels.  After I looked a little more, noticed they were made by Frog Toggs.  Anyone that has ridden a motorcycle, knows about Frog Toggs.  We go ahead and head to the car, and I told Chuck I was going to go back and get a couple of the towels.  Found me a pink one, imagine that, and got Chuck a grey one.  Think these might just be a nice addition to wear on the bike when it is so hot.

We chill the rest of the day, and around 9pm, we feel the need to get the bike out for a spin.  Terrible that you have to ride the motorcycle at night, but it is the only time that it is under 100 degrees.  :)
We take "Snow" our new Goldwing for a spin.  Chuck was wanting to get some miles on her, so we head to Norman and say hi to our son.  He hadn't seen the new toy we got, so we ran that way to show her off.  As we started home, I needed a Braums Ice Cream fix so we stopped in Moore, and I got my favorite, Cappuccino Chunky Chocolate.  Delicious as usual.  We get home a little after 11pm, and it is still very hot.  Rumors have it that we are supposed to have a "cold front" come in, and cool us off to 99 tomorrow.  Time to sleep, and maybe the morning will be cooler.