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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday's Cold Front 8-5-12

We got up to much appreciated cooler weather this morning.  So wonderful to actually be able to get outside and walk around and not burn up.  With the much needed cold front, we decided to cut some of the dead limbs out of our trees, as we have "big trash" pick up on Monday.  The wind is out of the North and it is just wonderful.  After we finish our tree trimming, Chuck says he needs to get some miles on Ginger and break in the new engine, so we get ready and get on the bike.  Amazing that it is so nice today.  My first chance to use the new Frog Togg towels we purchased yesterday, so I will know if they are "all that" or not.
We ride out towards Binger, and stop at the Sub Way in Hinton and grab some lunch.  Our "towels" have worked quite nicely, but of course it isn't 110 degrees out either.  We had some blazing full sun for a while, and I thought the heat, but down the road the cloud cover came back, and the ride was real nice.  I was amazed at all the wind turbine that have gone up since we last traveled this road.  Guess Oklahoma is a good place for them, since the wind is always blowing.

Back home, and I have to give the Frog Togg towels a thumbs up.  When we stopped for lunch, I took them in and got them wet again, as they had dried to a crisp by the time we stopped.  I think they are going to be a nice added cooling towel for our necks.  The old cool collars we used to use, were so slimy, and the colors would bleed onto your clothes, but these are wonderful.  No slime!!!  Just cool!!!
We have hydration vest, and hydration packets for our jackets, but they get a bit slimy too, and they weigh quite a bit.  This is just a little towel, and it is quite handy.  I give it a thumbs up!

We get back home and watch some of the Olympics, and leave again around 6pm, to ride Snow to Diana & Chris's house.  We are going to ride to Guthrie and eat at The Stables.  It is still pretty hot, but it won't be long until the sun starts going down, and it will cool off again.  Seems like everyone in the general area of Guthrie decided that The Stables was the place to eat tonight.  We had a little bit of a wait, but wasn't that bad.  Everyone but me got the salad bar, and I just had to go ahead and have my rib end basket.  The food was great, or so I thought  :)  I even had enough to take some home with me.
The ride home was just about perfect.

 I attempted to take a pic of Chuck & I, and this is what I got...LOL

Then Chuck took the camera and this is what he got.  Not bad, but my eyes are shut, I think!!!!

 Oh well, we had a great time anyway.  There was a strange light on the dashboard flashing, and we had no idea what it was all about.  Chuck thinks it is the "reverse" indicator, but we are not going in reverse.  We pull over and check it out, and when he put the bike into neutral, it went off.  We noticed that the GPS was going crazy when the light appeared....did a 360degree turn...I guess maybe we really were going in reverse....Or so it thought!!!  Who knows what happened, but we are all good to go again, and the light has gone out.  One thought is maybe Chuck pushed the button by mistake.  All the controls are so different on the Wing, compared to the Harley.  Just glad it wasn't anything serious.  We enjoyed our ride home and totally enjoyed the cooler weather.