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Friday, August 31, 2012

Wings, Winning & Labor Day Weekend Day 2

We wake up to sunny skies, and according to the weather forecast, it is going to be a HOT one.  They aren't lying about the heat.  As we get closer to the Dallas area, the traffic picks up.  Chris is able to cut traffic for us when we need it.  Sure glad we can communicate between bikes. 
Interesting part of this ride is, we passed several Harley stores, and just waved as we went by.  We are on the hunt for Honda stores....Yep, Honda stores.

 As we pass one Harley store, Diana & Chris say they saw the Honda store right next door, so we do that u-turn thing again.  Only about 5 miles to get turned around and head back on the frontage road.
It is time to stop and get some water and cool off some.  We go in and check out the "stuff".  They don't have same type of store that you see in a Harley store.  Guess when you ride a wing, you can wear about anything.  Not that "branding" thing that Harley does.  Diana & I are on the lookout for a cute shirt that might have wings on the back.  Non found here, but the man that worked there was quite nice, and gave us water and we got to listen to his story about having over 400,000 documented miles on Honda bikes.  He has been around the block a few time, don't you think!! 

We go on down the road to another shop and as we are driving there, we get a whiff of some really good smelling BBQ.  As we are leaving the store, I ask the girl if she knows an easy way to get to it.  Duuuhhhh, she isn't good with directions.  Seems like we always get the ones that have no clue how to get out of the box.  LOL.....amazed that people live in a town, and can't seem to get around.  Of course with all the traffic in the Dallas area, I can almost understand that. 

I suggest a road that I saw on the side of the dealership, and guess what.....we were able to get back to the BBQ place without any problem.  Think I should go back and tell the girl...Naaahhh!!!

The BBQ place has a name.  It is Bone Daddy's.  It was nice and cool, and they were able to keep up with the water and tea that we consumed in the first 5 minutes we were there.  The food was really good.  As we sat there and cooled down, I started looking around, and it was decorated so cute.  They had taken pieces of doors, and cut into shorter pieces, and covered the walls with them...Like they were paneled.  Very cool idea.  The bathroom doors to each stall was an old door also.  Very impressive. 

We had talked about going over to Ft. Worth, and going to the Tandy Mall.  Glad I googled it, cause it is being torn down, and it is Gone!!!!   Looks like we missed out on that one.  You can tell how long it has been since we were in the Ft. Worth area. 

Back out to the heat, we head towards the hotel.  We decide to stay in Los Colinas, at the Fairfax Inn, that we stayed in last year.  Seems like it was about the same time of year, but we got wet that trip.  There is a Bennigan's within walking distance and they have Happy Hour until 8pm.  Looks like we have a plan.  We visited the indoor pool, but it was so darn cold, it just wasn't that fun.  I didn't get in, cause remember I have a boo-boo from my fall yesterday...LOL  I am such a wimp.
Dinner was good, and the margarita's were even better.  Nice to be able to just sit and chill for awhile.  Looks like tomorrow we are going to set out for Shreveport, LA.  The rains from the hurricane are going to be pretty much gone, so might as well venture that direction.  Look out Louisiana, we are coming your way. 

By the way, I think Diana & Chris are enjoying their new bike.  She is working on a name....just haven't come up with the right one yet.  Still think Cocain would be a good one, if you didn't get a double take when you said it.  :)