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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wings, winnings & Labor Day Weekend Day 1

Planning to get out of town around 1 and head to Shawnee Honda, as we leave town.  Taking an in-direct route to Dallas...we think...Not sure where we will end up this weekend.  Our original plans were to go to New Orleans, but Hurricane Isaac has gotten in the way.  We would rather stay dry if at all possible.
We get to the dealership and Chris starts sitting on some of their bikes....The salesman that sold us our new bike (Reagan) came over.  Asking Chris if he has ridden a wing lately, and Chris said no.  Want to take a test drive was the next question.  Sure why not.  We really aren't in a hurry to do anything, go ahead and check one out.
No Red Chris!!!  

They rolled an 08 Red one out.  Diana whispers to me and tells me as they were driving this way, she said she would like any color but red.  Wink...wink...  Chris rides the bike and he is pretty impressed with it.  Can he get it for the price he is wanting it for....heck no.  In the mean time, Chuck has found some Air Wings that he is wanting to have installed.  Might as well go ahead and do it if they have time.

Diana & Chris's New Wing
As we sit and discuss how they are not willing to deal on the older bike, Reagan keeps checking on us. Chris and Chuck  go over and start looking at some of the other bikes.  There is a really nice looking 12 that only has 2000 miles on it.  Has some goodies on it, and the price is not that much more than the used 08 that he was looking at.  I think you can figure out where this story is going by now.  They strike a deal with the 2012.  It is white...just like ours.  :)  Diana keeps asking if we care that they are the same color.  Heck, doesn't bother us.  There are a few thousand more on the road...we are not an exclusive, that is for sure.  Think it is a compliment.  We can be twinkies  :)

It is close to 5 now, and Chris wants a couple of goodies put on his bike.  They roll it back to the service dept.. and take care of that for them.  They buy a bag for the back of the tour pack, and Diana and I go outside to Spydi and start taking stuff out of it.  They will store the Spyder until Monday or Tuesday when we get back in town.  Didn't know we would be playing musical motorcycle.  Just never know what we will be doing...crazy group.  Love every minute of it.

The Biggs new bike is ready to go, and we start loading it with their luggage etc.  We get it all ready by the time Chris makes it back from signing the papers.  It is now close to 6pm, and we are ready to get on the road.
That didn't last long :( 

We are heading southbound  and get to Seminole to grab some dinner.  As Chuck gets off the bike, one of the wings that Chuck just had installed, broke off.  Well, that sure didn't last very long.  Guess I will be calling them tomorrow about that.

 I ask Diana and Chris how they are doing.  Has he forgotten to put his feet down at any of the stops??  He assures me he has remembered every time.  Diana says the first turn they made was kinda scary, and she was about to hyperventilate, but as they both got their sea legs and got more familiar with the feel of the bike, it looks like this is going to be a good and fun trip.

We eat our dinner, and as we walk out and look to the southeast, we see a rainbow.  Looks like there is some rain out there.  Sure hope we can miss it.

 We are heading towards Ada, and Chuck slows down, and says he thinks we should turn around, as the clouds are looking pretty bad ahead.  Silly me says, Oh, I don't think we will get wet.  So we keep on going...but only for a couple of miles, and he once again slows down.  As I look over his shoulder, I see WET WET roads ahead.  U-turn time....and that is just what we did.  We went back to the junction (59) that was just a few miles back.  As usual, our fearless leader has kept us dry.  I on the other hand would have gotten us drenched.


We make our way through Coalgate and Atoka.  We refuel in Atoka, and again I ask how the new "Wingers" are doing.  Chris is in heaven, and I think Diana hasn't had any more episodes, so I think all is good in the Biggs house.  :)  and we are dry!!!  We make our way to Durant, OK...if you don't know how to pronounce Durant, it is Doo-rant....Not exactly sure why this is, but ask anyone...they will tell you that you pronounce it Doo-rant.

As we get close to the Casino, it would be very hard to miss it.  Out in the middle of nowhere, and all the bright lights.  Looks like we have made it.  We find the motorcycle parking, and proceed to go inside and check this place out.  It is called the Choctaw Casino and Grand Hotel.  The High Rollers are look out, and get the money ready cause we are entering the building.  ;)

Hmmm, well that didn't take too long.  I didn't win anything...did my usual deposit....Looser...need I say more.

Getting late and we go ahead and load up and start towards Sherman to see if we can find a place to spend the night.  We stop at 3 hotels, and they are all booked.  We pull out, and I spot a place on the other side of the road.  We do a u-turn, and if anyone knows about Texas u-turns, the frontage roads are very long.  So you have to go another 2 miles or so to get back to the place you want to be.  Think we woke up the owner of the motel...but he did have 2 rooms.  King size beds...we will take them.

The ride this evening was great.  The weather was about perfect.  No rain, and actually ended up seeing stars and also that big ole full moon. Was told it was a "blue moon", and I had no idea what that was, and Chris informs us the next day of what a "blue moon" actually was.  It is when you have 2 full moons in the same month.  Now that you have that "factoid" down...wonder what else we can learn.  :)

Great day and we are on another excellent adventure.  More to come tomorrow.  Night all!!