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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Lone Star Bike Rally 2012 (Day 1) 10-31-12

10-31-12  (Day 1)

The day starts for us at 1pm, meeting up with the first group of our progressive ride to Galveston.  Our first group consist of Diana & Chris, Tom, and Michael.  We are ready to roll on to our next stop which is Chickasha, to pick up Doreen & Allen.  The weather is very nice today.  Wind is coming out of the north, and as soon as we start heading southerly, all is good!!!  Maiden voyage for The Bigg's new trailer.  Looks really good!!! And, what has Tom ridden up on, its NOT Bob!!!

Not too far down the road on Highway 81 we run into a bit of a delay.  Seems the truck that is hauling a blade for one of the wind generators was having a time getting into his designated parking area, so we had to sit and watch them try to maneuver into his area.  It was interesting to say the least...and they finally got it off the highway, so we could get on the road again.

Allen & Doreen were waiting for us.  Michael had told Chris he didn't think one of his back lights was working on his trailer.  Chris looks it over, and sure enough, one of the bulbs was out.  Might as well get all these little repairs done is one quick swoop, and hope this is as bad as it gets.  The gas station we were at actually had a replacement bulb, so in a few short minutes, we are ready to go to the next stop in Duncan and pick up our final group of Lynn & Keith.

Where's Diana!!!!  They cut her out of pic
We get to Duncan at straight up 3pm.  What timing!!! By the time we get there, it has really warmed up.  We are all shedding some layers as we are going to ride for awhile before the next stop.  We take Hwy. 81 into Texas and onto Hwy. 287 and get to Fort Worth before we know it.  I was talking to Chuck as we rode about the highway.  Remember from the times we used to drive to see his mom,  and seems like there were a lot of rock haulers on the road.  No more got finished talking about it, and one of the trucks passes us, and starts spitting rocks.  One ends up hitting Chuck on his little finger.  Guess I shouldn't have even mentioned it.  Just glad it wasn't a broken windshield, or even worse, a broken finger.  We enter onto I-35 and traffic was really pretty light.   We survive the 5:30pm traffic like we were locals!  We stop to eat at one of my favorite places, Mercado's.  As we get off the bike, Lynn tells us she was bit by a wasp or bee.  It had flown under her shirt and got her on her side.  Glad she isn't allergic to them!!! 

The food didn't seem to be as good as it usually is to me.  Not sure what was missing.  Oh, maybe it is that we are always freezing to death by the time we get here, and today we have had a taste of Summer.  Not complaining, but it is really a totally different ride than last year at this time.

Bellies and gas tanks are full, and our next stop will be Hewitt, TX. for our first night out.  We roll in around 8pm, and get checked in.  I spied a DQ within walking distance, and convince the others to walk over and get a treat.  Heck, it is Halloween, so we all deserve a treat!!!

The DQ seemed glad to see us all walk in.  Doreen tells him we are trick or treating, and he ask her what she was dressed as.  She tells him she is dressed as a "biker bitch".  Got a good laugh out of them.  We are finishing up our ice cream, and the dude comes over and gets an ice cream treat out of the freezer and gives to Doreen for her "costume" this time, we are all full of ice cream and start back across the street to our rooms.

Doreen goes inside the motel, and comes back out and tells us she gave the girl at the desk her ice cream treat she had "won".  She said it tickled the girl!!!  Way to go Doreen....sharing is good!!

Something else to note is Diana & Chris got a Dallas Cowboy room last year at this motel, and guess what, they got it again.  I see a common occurrence here...hmmm, wonder what next year will bring, guess we will just have to see if they can do it 3 times in a row.

So, in summary, Chris's trailer needed a new bulb.  Chuck's pinkie finger got hit with a rogue rock.  Lynn got stung by a monster bee or wasp.  And last but not least, Tom lost a glove.  Not too bad for the first leg of the ride!!!

Time to hit the hay, for tomorrow we ride to Galveston  :)