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Monday, October 22, 2012

Something funny happened today. 10-22-12

Today our tech (Travis) from a local pest control came to the house.  He was supposed to be there at 10am, and I never heard from him, so I went ahead and left the house and took care of the errands I needed to do.  Shopping in an errand, isn't it!!!   :)

Anyway, he gets there about 12:30 and Chuck was at home so he went ahead and debugged the house.  So glad he did that, cause I really don't like little varmints running around....

So, when I get home Chuck tells me this story about he and Travis.  As it has been told to me, Travis was in the garage doing his checking around with his handy dandy flash light, and he comes to the door and gets Chuck to come out in the garage and look at a snake skin he has found.  Chuck is down on his knees, looking at the said snake skin, and Travis is manning the flash light.  Chuck says he hears Travis  scream, and he comes flying up, and I guess Travis thinks he has been had by the said snake.  Well, it wasn't a snake, but it was my sweet little nipping Blue Heeler, Belle...She has gotten excited, and since Chuck was so occupied with looking at this snake skin, Belle has come around behind Travis and nipped him on the heel...I guess it scared both of the snake wranglers to death.  :)  

I can hardly type this, cause it is hard to not LOL as I type it.  I can see it now!!!!  Chuck was laughing as he told me the story.  Poor Travis was scared to death.  I called Travis later to make sure he was OK, and he was laughing about the whole thing himself.  Chuck tells me this evening as I write this, that Travis ask if he had an extra pair of shorts....ROFL....Oh my gosh...this is so funny...

Some days you laugh, and some days you cry...I really got a good laugh out of this one...Hope you do too!!!