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Sunday, December 2, 2012

12-2-12 Sunday Ride

We are going to ride to eat some lunch and enjoy this beautiful day that God has given us. Diana & Chris come to the house about noon. We purchased the new Scala G9 Blue tooth wireless headset, and we are going to try them out today. We have been using the Scala G4's and have been pretty pleased with them, but the new ones are supposed to be even clearer and has the capability to talk to 9 bikes. (not that we will ever have 9 bikes with these sets, but they have a lot of nice features)

We get our systems paired with each other and we are off to Steve's BBQ in Edmond. The G9's seem to be a lot more quiet. The new sets along with the old ones are really nice, especially for making phone calls. I have called several people in the past and they have no idea that I am on the back of the bike, and no idea that we are going 70 mph. We have gotten where we just open the mikes to all four of us, and we have conversations as if we are sitting in a vehicle together. Seems to work very well for us.

We get to Steve's BBQ around 1:30 and we get right in. Perfect time to be there as the lunch crowd was finishing up and the place was pretty quiet. The food, oh my, it was really good. I know I was really hungry, but the ribs fell off the bones. Everything was great. Chris &Diana got the peach cobbler with ice cream, but I didn't have any room for anything else, nor did Chuck.

We are going to get some riding in, and the usual question comes up....where do we go? I suggest heading towards Pops, in Arcadia. Chuck pulls up to the gas station at Pops and we fill Snow the Gold wing up with gas. Yes, we are wingers today. I am telling you, I am really getting kinda used to this bike. Very comfortable and just no drama with her! No leaks, and no tinkering with her. Just get on and ride.

We head east on Rt. 66 to Wellston. From there we take Hwy. 102 back south. Nice road, with some new things to look at. New scenery is always a good thing. We come back through Choctaw. We turn on Sooner Rd. back to the north, and make an ice cream stop at the Braums in NE 63rd. The treat was really good.

As we come back towards the northwest side of the City we make a stop at Home Depot. Diana is looking for some Christmas lights for their trees on the outside of the house.  Looks like the rest of the world has had the same idea, as they are just about sold out of lights. I guess the mild weather has everyone wanting to decorate their homes for the holidays. Chris finds a Milwaukee Battery charger and radio that he wanted. Diana picks up a couple of Christmas presents and we they have about maxed out their storage on the bike. they strap on the big box on the back of their bike, I laughed and said we probably have people watching to see if they are able to do it. Loaded and ready to make our final stops at home, Chuck let's Chris lead as we head west on the Northwest Expressway to make sure his load is ride worthy.... We got a good laugh out of the Milwaukee box sitting nicely on their luggage rack.

As we say our goodbyes, Chuck tells them that it looks like they are carrying a box of beer. You know that Milwaukee brand. ROFL. Sometimes it's the little things that can make a day one to remember. In case we get old and can't remember these little things, I always try to have the camera near by.  So glad I was about to get a couple....made me laugh, lots!!!

Fun day, and can stand a lot more if this kind of weather hold out.  Saturday we broke the record for warmth. It got to 78. Today's high was 72. Not bad, not bad at all!  Cooler weather is forcast for the next week, so we will have to just wait and see.  Happy Sunday to all.