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Friday, December 7, 2012

FNDR 12-7-12 McAlisters

We are going to meet at McAlister's in Moore tonight.  Chuck has been stuck in Duncan all day, and is going to try to meet up with us.  Diana & Chris swing by the house and get me.  We had no idea it would take us so long to get to Moore.  The traffic was terrible.  Wrecks were everywhere.  They were only fender benders, but it sure did a number on the traffic.

I talked to Chuck and it looks like he is going to be right behind us.  It has taken us something like an hour and fifteen minutes to get to McAlister's.  Chuck on the other hand has driven about 70 miles, and actually almost beat us there.

I was able to order his food, and he pulled in about 5 minutes later.  We had a pretty good group tonight even though the traffic played with some of them too.  Keven & Wendy made it tonight.  We got to hear about Keven's experience of being a checker at Walmart.  Oh, the stories he tells us.  LOL  He should write a book, or better yet, a blog about it.

Allen & Doreen didn't make it tonight, as she has become a new grandma today.  They have been busy getting their marriage license today also.  Looks like we will be going to their wedding next Friday night.  We are looking forward to being a part of these guys new life they will be sharing.  Heck, we were there for the engagement.  Got to see this thing through.  :)

More on the wedding next week.