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Sunday, June 30, 2013

All Roads lead to Wing Ding (Sunday June 30th)

Day 5
Our stay in Robbinsville was very nice.  The motel had towels in the lobby for the bikes.  That was nice because we had a little bit of water to clean off the covers.  I don't think it rained, but just very humid. 

We are parked next to a Harley Trike, and start talking to the people that rode it.  A very nice couple from Georgia I think they said.  They were new to the trike.  Only had it a couple of weeks.  Her husband was telling us about how beautiful the Cherohala Skyway was that we will be riding today.  Excited to see what the road is like, we get a cool morning start on more curves. 

The road didn't disappoint us at all.  The first turn out we come to, we stopped.  The area was breathtaking.  A car pulls up as we are ready to leave, and I  ask if they would mind taking a group picture for us.  The couple didn't mind at all. 

Beautiful covered bridge along the way 

We wind our way through the road just like we knew where we were going.  After awhile we finally come to an open area...Yes, it is a little town.  Time to get off the bike and take a break.  As we stand there, we start talking about eating.  There was a little area next door to the gas station, so we all agree to go over and have something for lunch.  We are in Tellico,Tennessee  It is the Smoky Mountain version of "Mayberry".  They don't even have a traffic light yet.  Local flavors were pretty good, and at least we figured out how we were going to get back on tract and head in the right direction for the day. 

Lunch in Tellico 
We pull out from lunch and ride more of the area.  We hadn't been on the road but about 5 to 10 minutes, and I tell Chuck, that Chris & Diana are not behind us.  Chuck finds an area to make a u-turn and I try to contact Diana via text.  We are in an area where there in no cell phone service.  Our headsets are too far apart, so we ride back towards them, hoping we aren't going to find them crashed on the road.  A couple of curves, and there is their white bike, and Diana is next to it.  Chris is down the road walking.....Chris has lost his left highway peg....Thank God that is all it was. 
By the time Chuck walks down to him, Chris has found most of the pieces except one.  Then he found it.  Great....worked out well.  One nice biker pulled up and wanted to know if we needed help.  That is the way bikers are...They take care of their brothers.

So what do you think this sign means!!!

Chris just leaves the peg off for now, as he really doesn't need it with all the curves and twisties we are riding.  We talk and laugh about our recent stop.  We have passed another strange sign along the way, and I haven't been able to get a picture of it.  Diana tells me she has taken one and we start trying to figure out what it means.   No peeing. Alien. No fishing. You be the judge. (We know what it really means but it is just too funny.)

Add caption

We are riding in a more populated area now.  We are on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I have always heard so much about this road, and have to say it lives up to all my expectations.   The daylillies are absolutely beautiful as we ride through the town of Marble.   I guess we are in daylilly country.    I can't get over how wonderful they look. 

Peg is back on!  

We stop at the Patton's Run Overlook in the Nantahala National Forest.  The rapids are wonderful and there are a lot of people riding rafts and canoes down the river.  This is a beautiful area of the world.  A couple pulled up in this little old truck that had been totally restored.  They had the cutest little pup with them.  It was part jack russell, and chihuahua...Loved the puppy kisses. 

Chris fixes his missing left highway peg. You won't see very many pictures of our guys working on the bikes this trip. That is such a nice thing!!! 

We make a gas stop in the town of Bryson City.  We discussed if we were ready to stop for the day, or keep going.  We had been watching the
weather and the decision was made to try to cancel our rooms in Myrtle Beach.  Delilah the tropical storm is playing havoc with our plans.  We had booked through, and we called them and even though we were past our cancellation time, due to the bad weather they are able to cancel and get our money back.  That is wonderful news.  Sad that we aren't able to get there, but we all think this is the safest thing to do. 

Day Lillies are beautiful this year. 

As we ride on towards Maggie Valley, NC. we see more beautiful roads.  I don't think we have been on a bad road yet.  We see more daylillies.  We even encounter wildlife.  There was a lone deer on the side of the road.  He just looked at us as we went by.

Big Witch Tunnel

We ride through several tunnels.  One particular one tunnel was very interesting.  It curved as you drove through it.  Now that was a strange feeling.  The curve was actually very noticeable.  I think it was Rattlesnake Mountain tunnel.  I can't say enough about this area.  It is a bikers dream.  The roads are awesome.

I said earlier we were heading to Maggie Valley, NC for the night.  Had no idea that was where we would stop for the night, but it looks like a really nice area, so why not.  We were able to get a room and park the bikes right in front of them.  I love these old time motels.  Not that fancy by any means, but each room has 2 rocking chairs outside for a nice quiet evening just sitting and grinning!!! 
Smokey Mountains at their finest!  

We walked to the local restaurant and attempted to eat...I say attempted because they were out of a lot of food.  The waitress started telling us about what they were out of, and I think it would have been a lot easier to just tell us what they had left.  I got shrimp, and it was really good.  I think we all were happy with our choices to eat.  As we sat and waited on the food, we look outside, and it is raining.  Hope it is just a mountain shower and leaves quickly. 

By the time we leave the restaurant, the showers had stopped.  We get back to the rooms, and sit outside our room and rock for awhile.  I will say it again, we really did ride some awesome roads today. 

The guys were able to dry the bikes off and get the covers on them for the night.  The lock on Chris's trailer was acting up, so the two experts worked on it, and got it fixed.  :)

We have reached that time of the evening that it is time to get some shut off we go, for tomorrow we ride to Greenville.